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News: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom  premieres in theaters now!
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Author Topic: Marvel reveals its new Avengers relaunch line-up and creative team (SPOILERS)  (Read 1345 times)
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« on: January 22, 2023, 11:20:12 PM »

borrowed from Newsarama

After much speculation, Marvel has finally unveiled its new Avengers creative team of writer Jed MacKay and artist CF Villa as well as the new Avengers line-up itself.

We'll get to the creators in a moment (a Missing Moment, perhaps?). But first, there's the team line-up of leader Carol Danvers-Captan Marvel, Sam Wilson-Captain America, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Thor, T'Challa-Black Panther, and Iron Man - a relatively classic mix of Silver Age characters and modern superstars.

As the writer of the Timeless one-shot which introduced the idea of the "Missing Moment" to foreshadow what's coming in the Marvel Universe, MacKay has been the odds-on favorite to take up writing duties on Avengers once current longtime writer Jason Aaron takes his leave at the end of his 'Avengers Assemble' story in April.

He's joined by Marvel Stormbreaker artist CF Villa, and artist Stuart Immonen on covers, who returns to Marvel for his first work in several years.

With Marvel's full April solicitations now on the books, Marvel has taken the plunge into introducing what comes next for Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which involves a new team led by Carol Danvers.

"Some of Marvel’s greatest icons will assemble when they're gifted with knowledge of The Tribulation Events, a series of grand-scale disasters that will spark upheaval throughout the known universe," reads Marvel's announcement.

Along with the so-called "Missing Moment" we mentioned as part of the overarching story of MacKay's upcoming Avengers run, which involves Kang seeking a missing moment in time, the Avengers themselves must survive the first of the Tribulation Events, "The Fall of the Impossible City," as named by Marvel's announcement.

"The Star. The Icon. The Witch. The Construct. The God. The Engineer. The King" reads the official description of May's Avengers #1.

"The world is ever in peril, and a new team of Avengers mobilizes to meet any dangers that dare threaten the planet," it continues. "But when Terminus attacks, a new and insidious danger rears its head: one that the Avengers know all too well, and one that comes to them in the most dangerous of guises – that of a friend."

"I'm extremely excited to be launching the latest chapter of Avengers with my old Black Cat teammate C.F. Villa!" MacKay says in Marvel's announcement. "I grew up on the Avengers, weaving in and out of their 60s and 70s exploits as a kid, and having the opportunity to plot the course of Earth's Mightiest Heroes is a rush, especially coming from the street-level and/or weirdo niche I've been working in over the last couple of years.

"This is big, loud Avengers stuff - nothing in this story should ever feel small or inconsequential, and our lineup reflects that. Heavy hitters and iconic Avengers are to the fore - The Tribulation Events are coming, and only the Avengers can take them on."

Avengers #1 goes on sale May 17th.

Jimmy T
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« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2023, 09:14:28 PM »

I'm on the bandwagon of Jed McKay these days

Jimmy T since 2001
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« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2023, 11:16:32 PM »

I'm on the bandwagon of Jed McKay these days

Yeah me too.  I may have to give it a try.

“If I could go back in time and like tell 11 year old me that like not only do you get to go to Comic Con but you go every year.  So much so that you get greeted by Stan Lee when you show up.  And 11 year old me would be like - How did we get so fat?”- Kevin Smith
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