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Author Topic: August 2023 Solicitations  (Read 352 times)
Gay Titan
HR Celestial
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« on: May 24, 2023, 05:05:33 PM »

Nothing really catching my attention.
HR Celestial
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« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2023, 11:11:43 PM »

Of course, those of us MU readers won't see these until November....but here are my thoughts!

Uncanny Avengers 1 - George Perez Variant cover?  I'm in!

Immortal Thor - Al Ewing!  Yes please!

Jean Grey - by Louise Simonson - I'll give it a try

Fantastic Four Annual - FF vs Ghost Rider?  Oh sure, why not.

Ultimate Invasion - by Hickman?  Of course I'll be reading this.

Dark X-Men - Madelyne Pryor - of course I'm checking this out.

Children of the Vault - What?!?!?  Oh yeah!  I'm so in for this!

X-Men 25 - New roster?  I'm ok with that.

X-Men Red - Hmmm.  Not sure if I'll still be on this but Al Ewing can surprise me.

X-Force - New leader!  I'm in.

Immortal X-Men - Best Mutant book.  Still on if this remains true.

Wolverine - Not sure if I'll be interested based on the cover.  But we'll see.

Magneto - A Magneto book by J.M. Dematteis is something I'm on board for.  BUT it's set in the past when he was the school headmaster.  Hmmm.  Not sure if I care for that.

Captain America Finale - I'll still be here.

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST – DOOMSDAY - Hmmm.  I'll likely test the waters here.

Venom - I'll be looking into this since Al Ewing is writing and I liked the preview in the FCBD issue.

Incridible Hulk - by Phillip Kennedy Johnson.  This could be good.

Warlock Rebirth - most likely will still be reading this.

Guardians of the Galaxy - by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing - oh yeah, I'm checking this out.

The Avengers - Jed Mackay's version I'm sure I'll still be on.

Fantastic Four - Of course I'll still be on this.

Daredevil - looks like this is Chip Zdarsky's last issue?

Deadpool - enjoying this now so I'd imagine I'll still be on this.

Doctor Strange - Jed MacKay - Most likely still on.

Strange Academy: Miles Morales - What??  Hmmmm.  Love this book but this has a new creative team.  I'll dip my toe in and see what happens.


“If I could go back in time and like tell 11 year old me that like not only do you get to go to Comic Con but you go every year.  So much so that you get greeted by Stan Lee when you show up.  And 11 year old me would be like - How did we get so fat?”- Kevin Smith
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