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Author Topic: Weekly Reader, July 4, 2022  (Read 1960 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 10, 2022, 11:59:26 AM »

Sooo, I got a lot in last night (well, a "lot" for me anyways Grin). I was even thinking about knocking out Nice House on the Lake as well, had all intention of at least getting one or two issues in, but as I started to read issue #2 I realized it has been almost a year since I read issue #1 and I had little to no memory of any of the characters. I barely remember what happened. So I decided to download said first issue and read it again. However, after the download was complete, I was over wanting to read the series.  Cheesy

Instead I jumped into The Paybacks, ya know, the short little 4 issue trade I got from Hoopla? Well turns out that this volume collects ALL of Donny Cates' Payback series. Both the four issue Dark Horse run AND the four issue Heavy Metal Comics run. I got through the fourth issue and it kept going...?!?! Of course I am happy it does keep going as issue "#4" left us on a cliff, so kudos to Heavy Metal for allowing Cates an opportunity to get his complete 8 issue story told (because yes, this is all one story) but shame on Hoopla for not letting me know it was "8 issues"  Grin I am on page 122 out of 217 (or panel 505 out of 932  Cheesy).
Four issues my butt  Angry
It is a good read, with lots and lots of Marvel and DC character "homages", although you do see the early writer learning his craft in parts. Still it is fun enough and enjoyable enough for to look for his series prior to this one called Buzzkill  Smiley
Damn, I could've saved this for when I finished the damn thing, huh?  Sad Cheesy

Oh, and I'll get to "Nice House" tonight... or tomorrow  Cheesy Smiley

Legion '90 #14
Legion '90 #15
Legion '90 #16
Legion of Super-Heroes (1989) #3
Legion of Super-Heroes (1989) #4
Action Comics #1038
Batman: One Dark Knight (BL)
Human Target #3
Justice League Incarnate #1
Justice League Incarnate #2
Nice House on the Lake #1 <--Add
Nice House on the Lake #2
Nice House on the Lake #3
Nice House on the Lake #4
Nice House on the Lake #5
Nice House on the Lake #6
Robin and Batman #1
Robin and Batman #2

Avengers #147 (1976)
Avengers #148 (1976)
Dark Ages #1
Dark Ages #2
Dark Ages #3
Dark Ages #4
Dark Ages #5
Dark Ages #6

BRZRKR v1 (Collects issues 1-4)
The Paybacks Collection (Collects issues 1-8)
Paper Girls v1 (Collects issues 1-5)
Saga #55
Saga #56
Saga #57
Saga #58
Saga #59
Saga #60


Avengers (1976) - Okay, I read this and I am going to eventually read it again, but I'm not moving forward right now. I do enjoy my Perez art and love seeing the Squadron Supreme (or the Marvel Justice League  Grin) and I was all into my mid-seventies Marvel comics not too long ago, but now having JUST read late 80's comics (DC's Legion and L.E.G.I.O.N) going back to the 70's writing is hitting a little off for me. In all fairness it always hits "a little off" when you go back and read comics from over 40 years gone  Cheesy, but you have to... or at least I have to... set your mind into the correct frame to do so. I can go from todays' style to 70's (when I am in that mood), but I find it harder for me to go from the late 80's. I know, it makes no sense but it is the way it is. I'll come back to this again.  Undecided

Dark Ages - This was fine, not as good (not close to being as good) as Taylor's similar DC's story; DCeased, but it's still fine. I think I recall Jeff having a similar feeling for this. Again, it was fine.
However, if for nothing else
I can at least appreciate the thought process that tells a writer "Wolverine can't be alive if all his flesh is gone". It's just proper! It never made sense that Wolverine could be alive with all his brain's gray matter gone *cough*Wolverine surviving a nuclear bomb*cough,cough* and I'm glad to see another writer acknowledging the fact Smiley Wink
I did also enjoy seeing Pietro's legs getting blasted away from being outside of Sue's force field bubble
Yep, a good, but not spectacular mini

EDIT - And hooray for me for knocking out some of the old list that I have had for weeks. I ended up adding 14 comic issues to the list this week, yet I knocked out 23 issues (including 4 issues from the BRZRKR trade  Wink) That means I am slowly working back to being on track!
Now if you will excuse me, I think I sprained my shoulder patting myself on the back
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Avatar mash-up is from Ross Pearsall... and of course those that own the original characters Smiley
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