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Author Topic: Weekly Reader, April 11, 2022  (Read 1837 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 18, 2022, 10:00:40 AM »

Nope, didn't quite make it, missed it by one. But hey, no incomplete list this week
(Personal jab, not one towards Jeff... not this time Cheesy)

X Lives of Wolverine #5 - This sets the stage for the big wrap up next issue, and essentially did close out its own storyline. Which was good because if not, the gimmick of the alternating logo on the cover would just be a marketing scheme and they could've just made this a ten issue mini  Grin But seriously, I am glad they did "finish" the one storyline and still brought it to the other. Kinda cool, in a way.
One thing to come of this Marvel drop, releasing all the issues at once, is that I found Percy did improve so I will be adding Wolverine back to my reading list. I got hit with another Percy clunk (or "Percy Ugh"... get it? Perseus / Percy Ugh?  Cheesy) in this issue that was pretty glaring, but he earned some credit with not having any major flubs in pacing the first eight issues. Still, I am hoping there are no more in the last issue.


X-Men #6
Inferno #4
Punisher #1
Avengers #50
Thor #20
Thor #257 (1977)
Thor #258 (1977)

Black Widow #13
X Lives of Wolverine #1
X Deaths of Wolverine #1
X Lives of Wolverine #2
X Deaths of Wolverine #2
X-Lives of Wolverine #3

X Deaths of Wolverine #3
X Lives of Wolverine #4
X Deaths of Wolverine #4


Avatar mash-up is from Ross Pearsall... and of course those that own the original characters Smiley
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