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Author Topic: Mike Flanagan Watch list  (Read 696 times)
Just an old man
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« on: March 23, 2022, 09:49:38 AM »

So as Jeff has FINALLY  Wink started Haunting of Hill House, I was going to send him a list of the other good to great shows and movies that I have seen that Flanagan has either written and/or directed, but as this is an easier place for his "old brain" to remember what I wrote, I am placing it here at the Realm
Plus if anyone else hasn't seen any of these, check them out!!

Just going in order of release, so don't think we are starting with one of mass appeal
 Cheesy Cheesy

Oh, a master list -

Gerald's Game
Doctor Sleep

Haunting of Hill House
Haunting of Bly Manor
Midnight Mass
(with more coming soon!!)


M - OCULUS - Directed by and co-written by Flanagan (along with Jeff Howard)
This was my first encounter with Flanagan. A great, creepy, mindfuck of a supernatural horror flick. Enjoyed it. This is NOT a family type movie at all  Grin nor do I suggest it for Jeff, as I don't think he would like it (thus the red color). Just putting it all up here to complete my watch list Grin

M - HUSH - Directed by and co-written by Flanagan (along with his wife, Kate Siegel who stars)
Now THIS one I do suggest. Yes it has a more "slasher" style horror look to it on the outside, but there IS a very good story here as well. Looks like a "Jason" movie, but it isn't, not really. It is a really good high tension drama movie though. Yeah, that is a better classification for me.

M - GERALD'S GAME - Directed by and co-written by Flanagan (along with Jeff Howard) - Based on the book by Stephen King!
This is is a pretty decent to pretty good movie. I almost gave this a yellow color (mid-tier ranking) but even though the ending kinda left something to be admired, this was still a very well done drama. You think it is going one way, but it doesn't. You may think you want to turn it off before you see a wife and husband doing... some things, but just wait, it will all be okay. You may recognize the wife and husband here, Jeff  Grin Grin

S - Haunting of Hill House - Directed by and co-written by Flanagan (along with Jeff Howard)
You are watching this one already, Jeff!!! It is the best of his series' I think, but the others are still worthy of the time!!

M - Doctor Sleep - Written and Directed by Flanagan - Based on the book by Stephen King!
This is part 2 of the Shining! Well, I guess I should say that it is a few years after the Shining, but it does continue Danny Torrence's story. Easily in my top 5 favorite "scary movies" list. If you enjoy the "scare" from Haunting of Hill House, you should be okay here... I am not sure the scare level that you want to reach  Cheesy But hey, man, this is good. I strongly suggest it but... even though it doesn't have as much jump scares as Hill House, there is a reason I colored this yellow... there is one scene in this movie that is absolute hard to watch!!!! It is necessary, to show this group of "baddies" and how bad they are, but man, yeah, it is hard. Even the second and third times I watched this movie. Wow. That said, if you get past that one scene (pretty early in and extremely well acted... that is why it is so hard to watch), you will enjoy this movie!!!

S - Haunting of Bly Manor - Written by Flanagan (directed only one episode)
This is classified as Drama/Horror/Mystery and I agree with that. Not as scary, nor quite as good as Hill House, but still very enjoyable. And Flanagan adds to his list of actors here (he uses a LOT of the same actors most of the time, especially in series)

S - Midnight Mass - Written and Directed by Flanagan
The third of the (current) Flanagan Three, this one falls down a little more as well, but mainly, I feel, because the mystery is not there. Maybe it wasn't suppose tob e but you can kind of figure out early what's going on. I think Flanagan's loyaltiy to his actors actually hurts the product here. Also, there is stuff about Church and Mass here that some people may not like, thus the yellow color. I still think it is worthy of a watch however!

Flanagan has also done a couple more movies that I haven't seen (Like Absentia), but... maybe soon?

Future Flanagan...

He is currently working on a series which seems to be based on telling scary stories. The Midnight Club will, of course, have some of the same actors Flanagan always uses.

He is also doing a remake of the classic "Fall of the House of Usher" which is coming soon. And yes, the actors will include some of the Flanagan cast

And in closing... Mike Flanagan is also co-writing a series soon to hit the streaming world, one based on a comic both Jeff and I enjoy - Something is Killing the Children!!! No word yet on the cast, but what do you bet...

Oh, and yes, I am a fan of his work!!!

Avatar mash-up is from Ross Pearsall... and of course those that own the original characters Smiley
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