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Author Topic: Weekly Reader, September 29, 2021  (Read 3239 times)
Just an old man
HR Celestial
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« Reply #15 on: October 05, 2021, 01:57:58 PM »

MU Older Stuff - Released Nov 1975
Marvel Team-up #39
Thor #241

MoKF #34
Invaders #3

MU Newer Stuff
Gamma Flight #1
Fantastic Four: Life Story #2
Black Cat Annual #1
Beta Ray Bill #4
Cable #11
Eternals #5
Marvels #3

DCI Older Stuff
Legion of Super Heroes #1
Legion '89 #9
Legion of Super Heroes #2
Legion '89 #10

Legion of Super Heroes #3

DCI Newer Stuff
Batman: World
Batman: Urban Legends #1
Infinite Frontier #0
Infinite Frontier #1
Flash #768 - added
DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber #1

King Spawn #1
Spawn #321
Locke & Key/Sandman #1
Locke & Key/Sandman #2
Fire Power #7
Fire Power #8
Fire Power #9
Geiger #2
Geiger #3
Geiger #4
Nocterra #1
Nocterra #2
Nocterra #3
The Me You Love in the Dark #1


Gamma Flight #1 - Wanted to like this but after Jeff's warning I went in cold. Came out that way too. Done

Black Cat Annual #1 - An okay one-shot featuring The Fox (no, not the one we just saw, but the Asian one) and her crew. Skippable for sure. I liked it, but yeah, not truly worth the time it took to get through.

Eternals #5 - Winner of the week so far. Even with Ribic's weird ass eyes this continues to be a great read for me.

Marvel Team-Up #39 (Nov 1975) - With some emotion built in, as a young lad's pigeon pays the ultimate price when an assassin's bullet meant for Spidey misses  Grin, this was a decent story... except for the bad guys! Ugh, Daredevil's foes the Enforcers make an appearance, in all of their aged-out, no longer relevant nor a threat stupidity. Good news is the last page brings with it a better foe for next issue.

Thor #241 (Nov 1975) - The final fight between Thor, Atum-Re (Odin/Orrin) and the Egyptian Gods against their nemesis; Seth. Jane revives Orrin's... I mean Odin's memory so he is now back to being Odin the All-Father

Legion of Super Heroes #1
Legion of Super Heroes #2 (1989) - Had to cheat a little and look up some of the names shown in the first issue (Hard enough for me to remember all the members of the Legion, much less there non-costumed identities  Cheesy), but once I did that the story got a little more easy to follow... and fun. Until issue #2 and now I am lost again  Grin I am sure I will get it all wrapped up and discern what's going on here soon.


Legion '89 #9
Legion '89 #10 (1989) - A new hero arrives! And from the 30th century even!! The same one that seems to do this kind of thing a lot!  Grin Also, more fighting, this time Lobo is on the other side, but all ends well and the team is almost set. Gotta say, after a little drop in the fun level from the last couple of issues, the upswing is once again in affect.


Avatar mash-up is from Ross Pearsall... and of course those that own the original characters Smiley
HR Celestial
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« Reply #16 on: October 06, 2021, 04:13:18 AM »

ComiXology Unlimited
Seven to Eternity #14
Seven to Eternity #15
Seven to Eternity #16
Seven to Eternity #17

Black Hammer Reborn #3
Dark Horse Presents 3 #22- Jeff Lemire story
Enter the House of Slaughter FCBD #1

Fire Power #15
Geiger #6
We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #8

Stray Bullets Vol 3: Sunshine & Roses (Collects issues #17-24)

Marvel Unlimited
Captain Marvel #29
Guardians of the Galaxy #15
Gamma Flight #1
Wolverine #13
Way of X #3

DC Universe Infinite
Detective Comics #1034
Future State: Teen Titans Ruin #1
Teen Titans Academy #1

Invasion! #2
Invasion! #3


Invasion! #3 - Good ending to a pretty decent story.  I like how you can almost read anyone of these three issues on their own and get a complete story. But altogether is a big story as well.  Now I can finally re-read and finish Inferior Five and it should make more sense!  Then on to L.E.G.I.O.N. ‘89.

Happy I actually got through the whole list this time!

“If I could go back in time and like tell 11 year old me that like not only do you get to go to Comic Con but you go every year.  So much so that you get greeted by Stan Lee when you show up.  And 11 year old me would be like - How did we get so fat?”- Kevin Smith
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