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Author Topic: I hate Hulking. Rant Ensues. Enter at your own risk  (Read 1964 times)
Jimmy T
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« on: December 24, 2020, 02:37:42 PM »

So, EMPYRE spoilers, maybe? Not really?

I truly don't hate  Teddy  that much. Maybe I hate Marvel for letting his history go the way it did? I have a TREMENDOUS issue with his parentage!! Mar-Vell sleeping around on his wife? While being caught by the enemy? Deep DEEP behind enemy lines?

Perhaps its a bit of me being unwavering about a figure that has become a paragon event/figurehead to Marvel. Mar died of cancer; a sickness, a wasting, and he met his death with dignity, without hate, with only love for those around him, and forgiveness for everyone in his life. Now, I now his title wasn't ever the tops of everything at Marvel, but he had a following, and a following that only get strengthened with his death.

So, his legacy grew tremendously so-yet I won't use the words 'character assasssination' for him sleeping with Anelle. I'll just call it shitty writing (HEINBERG). Also, Skrull and Kree and mix biologies? Bah! (ok that's an old man 'bah' right there).

To me, Emprye just gave rise and power to a blah character, but I'm also older where I'm not the target audience for Teddy. I just hate what his birth meant and did to Mar-Vell (in my estimation).

Jimmy T since 2001
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« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2020, 01:27:40 PM »

I wasn't a fan of Empyre, surprisingly, as mostly it contained a decent F.F story. So much so that if it was ONLY a F.F arc (in a title that needs interesting arcs ... issues ... pages even  Angry) I would think that I would have enjoyed it. As an epic event however, I found it lacking. And that pisses me off more than anything.

Let these stories be told in the titles that deserve them. Why make every (from the onset) pretty decent storyline be a damn event? And this isn't an Anti-Event rant, I stick by my thoughts on those (that as long as the shops buy 100,000 copies, the big two (especially Marvel) will continue to make them. That is NOT the fault of Marvel, it is the shops/fans), but make the titles be the priority.

Take Immortal Hulk. That is an amazing property now and it became one over time due to the interesting take on the character(s). Would Emypre been that for the FF? No, but it could have also brought more people into the title as I think it would have been a good multi-issue FF story. One that could have lasted 15 issues and brought more people back to the FF. I honestly think that. And yes, I know and am aware that I am incredible bias on that title, but I do see, did see, the potential for Empyre to be THAT story that got more eyes to the Marvel's First Family.

All that aside ... I also hate the Hulkling. The name, the reason for his existence, the look ... you name it, I hate it (well, not everything, I don't care that he is gay. Let me kill that now  Cheesy)

But I was there at day one hating the character. I was one of the very few people that didn't glom onto the bullshit Young Avengers crap. I didn't like anyone save Kate and the idea of Iron Lad being yet another Kang (which in and of itself is a problem just waiting to happen  Grin), but Hulkling? BAH! Wiccan? What kinda name is that? Wiccan? Oh and Speed? SPEED? HA! I suppose Patriot was decent enough and actually I didn't mind Cassie that much either, so I guess I really only hated about half the group but none of them really wowed me at all. And Hulkling was at the bottom of the group for sure.

Now, as emperor? I'm not sure I ... ya know ... I'm not sure I care one way or the other

Avatar mash-up is from Ross Pearsall... and of course those that own the original characters Smiley
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