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Author Topic: Binge List  (Read 6057 times)
Just an old man
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« Reply #45 on: June 08, 2021, 02:14:03 AM »

Just some quick, 5 AM thoughts on your list

I still have to make time for Futreman. May be a 'me only' watch ... sans the missus ... but I need to get to it

Once you start Trek: Discovery, keep in mind (as I have said countless times  Cheesy)  that Season One takes a good while to truly find its legs, Season Two is so much better than Season One and Season Three is ... well ... on par with Season One? Not sure about three as I actually took a break from CBS All Access after a couple episodes of that season and have yet to return so I'm not sure how that one is really

I honestly think you should consider not dropping the Orville. I mean, you may never watch it, but I don't think it deserves to be on a drop list, if ya get me  Cheesy Cheesy I think if you like Trek, you would like it ... for the most part.  Cheesy Yes it can be a little left leaning at times, but so is Trek. Trek is sometimes more covert about it though  Cheesy  but here, other than one episode in Season Two, I don't think you would be jolted away by anything. Not that I can remember anyhow  Wink. Sure the first season (like may shows first seasons) is a little ... rough at times as it tries to find its identity. It is also much more humorous (attempted humorous) in nature in its early episodes as McFarland sold it as a funny Trek to get it on air, but season two the humor is lessened, although still around, and it becomes more of what McFarland wanted. His own Star Trek.
Is it as good? Okay, no (mainly because the lack of good bad guys, I feel), but the characters get stronger as it goes. It's also NOT Star Trek in quality, they don't have the funding that Discovery or Picard have, but the heart is certainly there in the money's absence.

And Star Trek Lower Decks took me an episode or two to get fully invested, but once I did, I found it a grand animated show. Very funny. The Doc is awesome!!

Hmmm, I guess I didn't want to talk about your list as much as talk about Trek and things like Trek
 Cheesy Cheesy

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