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Author Topic: I know big two copycat'ing is normal, but ....  (Read 1856 times)
Just an old man
HR Celestial
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« on: April 20, 2018, 11:19:28 AM »

DC's "Fresh Start"?

(Okay, just a Bleeding Cool placeholder of a name, but I thought it funny)

Morrison on Green Lantern?
Kelly Sue DeConnick on Aquaman?

I will be all over both of those in a heartbeat.

My only question, if the big two keep putting creators I really like on books I really like: Spencer/Ottley on Amazing Spider-Man, Al Ewing/Joe Bennet on (the horror title) Hulk, Mark Waid/Jesus Saiz on Doctor Strange ... or putting creators I really like with characters I could give or take like Jeff Lemire's Sentry ... OR even good creators on characters I don't like at all like Donny Cates/Ryan Stegman on Venom, how in the hell am I supposed to catch up on all the old books I was talking about catching up on? Especially if DC follows suit and puts more fuel on the flame on a list that is already growing with Bendis on the two Supes titles and Snyder on Justice League ... and you know damn well there is a JSA and a Legion not too far off. And HELL, not to mention my beloved FF coming back.

This blows!!

I mean, it's great, but still

"I do not have OCD. I know. I've checked. Three or four hundred times and I definitely don't. I stopped myself from catching it by washing my hands an even number of times"
David Mitchell
HR Celestial
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« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2018, 12:35:41 PM »

Very interesting.  I'd love to see a Grant Morrison GL Corps book.  That could get pretty crazy with all the different aliens.

"If I could go back in time and like tell 11 year old me that like not only do you get to go to Comic Con but you go every year.  So much so that you get greeted by Stan Lee when you show up.  And 11 year old me would be like - How did we get so fat?" - Kevin Smith
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