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Author Topic: Doom Patrol  (Read 1857 times)
Just an old man
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« on: September 18, 2016, 08:34:51 AM »

Guessing that DC's new "Young Animals" imprint should go under this banner instead of DC proper, so here it be.

Of course after finishing Doom Patrol #1, I can say no matter where I place this thread I don't see myself coming back to discuss issue #2 anytime soon. This was not an enjoyable book for me. I like "strange" and "odd" but this wasn't an odd story as much as a jumbled mess of an opening. And no, this is not just an old man that is struggling to find the story because he is woven into a Morrison Mind blanket, this is just not a cohesive story in any shape.

An example of the problems and look, I don't care how odd you make the story, but at least have the people, odd or not, react in a manner that seems feasible. But here is an example of what had me rolling my eyes so hard they almost flung from their sockets.

So a girl is having an argument with her (new?) roommate about paying her portion of rent when someone comes to the door, explodes this girl's roomate's body ... while transforming it into birthday cake at the same time, so cake splatter is all over. This new girl, this exploding cake producing girl, then steps into the room, chats a bit and asks the original girl if she needs a new room-mate in which the girl just replies 'yes' and they go on discussing the box filled with pieces of Robotman she got when she saw him hit by a truck.

Oh and one page, I think a nine panel page, was dedicated to the Chief playing single notes on a couple organs/electric pianos every other panel.
 Roll Eyes

Yeah, not for me.

Sadly I was really excited about this title, the new Cave Carson title and the other title that is based in Gotham ... I think ... but now, I don't know. I may not be cool enough, nor primal enough for this new "Young Animals" line.

3 outta 10 cries of "PLAY FREEBIRD!!!"

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