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Author Topic: Amazing Spider-man  (Read 2395 times)
Jimmy T
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« on: July 24, 2016, 02:46:52 PM »

Issues 1-5


That's what I give.

Here's what I like: some cool plot building, neat mysteries set up, lots of juggling ideas that is seeming to work really well right now.

What I don't like; 2 versions:

Version 1: the comic nerd: I really don't like all of Peter's inventions. He went to school for bio-chemistry. He's been able to make all kinds of neat gadgets, but he is into all other kinds of sciences, and frankly, I hate the big super science brain in Marvel comics that can do everything.   Also, his suit was perfect, so why change it? Ugh, blargh, gack.

Version 2: the reader. I don't believe Peter Parker can be a CEO. He has no business experience, let alone managerial experience, let alone real job experience. Now, yes, you could say it's been building underneath Slott's writing that Peter could be led up to this point. And to be fair, the book is decent. It's not Amazing-sorry title, it's not!! But it's decent.

But it's not a Spidey book to me. For one, his bodyguard story is even more lame than Tony Stark's avenue was. All the gadgets and different webbing, the money thrown around, it doesn't read as Spider-man/Peter Parker to me.

Now, this is NOT me saying he needs to be a pathetic loser. Far from that! But from a pretend scientist at a mega dream job at Horizon to world wide mogul just rings false, and falls into comics expediency. It'd be like Clark Kent suddenly buying out the Murdochs and controlling the world wide news system of Fox news. I wouldn't believe it.

So,...I guess I don't believe in this book. This all, perhaps, and most likely, falls into the deep seated love I've had for Spider-man since I was a kid.

What I fear (more!) is the day when "ol Parker screws it all up, looks like an idiot in his typical idiot way, and fails with Parker Industries, and loses it all, and loses all his money and inventions without any failsafe for himself."

Because that is also how Slott writes Peter. As an absolute idiot at times. And it's really going to bug me when he eventually-even certainly-writes Peter to be the biggest loser in the world to have Parker Industries taken from him, and for all the world to think Peter deserves it for whatever horrible plot hook is needed to make Peter look like the greatest dumbass for letting it happen.

mark my words.

Jimmy T since 2001
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