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Author Topic: Please DC. Please  (Read 2230 times)
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« on: December 28, 2015, 11:08:54 AM »

Okay guys, this is NOT a bash thread. I am not saying anything bad here, just a request for DC ... and perhaps the fine readers of DC ... to take action.

I have contacted everyone I could. Either by Twitter or by Email or even shouting it at all of my local shops and now I am asking readers to help me (or anyone from DC that may happen to just open this)

It is time once again for my biannual request.  Grin

Could we please request from DC to get both of these:

1) A digital subscription service to older DC issues, much like Marvel has with Marvel Unlimited?
You guys have to have most all of you older content stored digitally by now and certainly have anything from the last six years have been put away and stored. Drop out a subscription service to those issues and stop relying on those expensive HC editions to get in your readers hands. You could get so much more traffic and readers by making a service we can just go online and get. Let's make this happen (I have yet to receive one single reply from all Tweets and Emails I sent, so I need help here)

2) Could you please just add a very simple yet fast synopsis of what occurred last issue to the front of your monthly titles? Please? I am old as hell and when it comes to my memory, it sucks. I have a hard time remembering what happened in the previous issue without going back and re-reading it prior to reading the current month's issue (I even struggle with the weekly books you are putting out, though I am sure I may be alone in that  Cheesy) I am aware that maybe my large reading list is also involved in hampering my recollection of past events and I understand if page count is the issue but regardless, would a two or three sentence opening, briefly describing where we the readers left off be so hard? Maybe as a header? Hell, even television shows have "Last time on..." and they come on weekly. In comparison, that is four times faster than a book that comes out every 28 days. We need, well I need, others may just enjoy  Cheesy a brief summary of what we read four weeks ago.

Please DC.

Now for the rest of you, write to whomever you can. Post your thoughts/request on Twitter. Email everyone. Contact your Congressman even.
Let's get these two things!!!

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