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Author Topic: Vertigo Relaunch  (Read 5768 times)
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« on: November 27, 2015, 02:06:50 PM »

Just got through reading some of the Vertigo relaunch titles and thought I would stop by and give some brief thoughts.

Clean Room - issues 1-2

I'm not a huge Gail Simone fan, but when she hits, she really hits. I am also currently reading her Secret Six run, the series not the mini, and she is pretty strong there so I decided to give this new title a try as well ... to see what Simone I get. Is this Secret Six/Early Birds of Prey Gail or is this like Batgirl/Later Birds of Prey Gail?
Well I can honestly say it is neither. This is Gail like I have never seen her. This title reads almost a like a novel, it just feels like a bound book and not a stapled monthly comic. There is not way my limited brain can describe what I mean by that, but if you are reading this title, you know what I mean.

This book is crazy good, even though I am pretty much lost on a few things. I mean, I get what is going on, with the main character, just not why or how it is going on in relation to what she is dealing with Cheesy What is the "Clean Room"? I've seen it, we are shown it in issue #2, but man ... Craaaazy shit happens. It's like a room that induces acid trips
There are monsters, but are they there? There are killers, but are they killers because they are or because they've been told to be? This is going to be a series, no doubt, so get in now. A very cool book that I am on for the long haul. Very interested and yes ... very scary (well, comic book scary).

Some really clean art here also. Almost like Jamie McKelvie looking. Really clean and bright ... and good.

RED THORN - Issue 1

Now here we have another 'trippy' book. A Scottish girl returns home to Scotland (crap, I think that is right ... Scotish or ... yeah, I think she was Scotish  Cheesy        Undecided) ... A Scottish girl returns home to Scotland searching for her missing older sister. She is greeted by a swamp like sea monster that first scares the hell out of her (and does some damage to some persons skull  Grin) but then gives her a book. But is this the same sea monster she just drew in her own book? (Yeah, trippy) And will she be able to waken the ancient evil that waits? The same evil that sent her her sister's book?

Okay, it is only one issue so I am even more lost on this title than the Clean Room, even though I understand what is going on with this one more ... and even though you can't tell I do by this writing  Cheesy. I suggest you give both a try, as I think they are both going to be great.

The art here is pretty good as well. A littler darker, which works for the tone here.

Unfollow - Issue 1

Now this one is easy ... and a good read (also in the works for a tv show, already I think). A billionaire phone app creator dies but before doing so he sends 140 people from all over the world a gift, his entire fortune. If you are one of the lucky 140, you get to split this guys money ... lots of money ... and that equates to about 112 million each. However... what if some of those people were to die before the money has been distributed? If dividing 15 plus Billion by 140 people is 112 million a piece, if ... say ... just 10 people die .... that would be 120 million a piece. 8 million more if just 10 people bie. But what if 25 people die? What if 100 of them die ... what if 139 of them die?

Yeah, what if ....

I can see this one is going to be a cool "hunt you down" type of comic.

Good art, sketchy but not overly so, nice.


Avatar mash-up is from Ross Pearsall... and of course those that own the original characters Smiley
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