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Author Topic: Rasputin  (Read 2396 times)
Just an old man
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« on: August 15, 2015, 03:53:26 AM »

What do you do when you are absolultly buying more comics than you can keep up with? When you struggle to find more reading time each week but you just keep losing the battle and so your list of  "to be read" gets longer and longer?

Well add yet another title to your pull list of course, silly.

Yep, just read the first page of HR's ole' pal, Alex Grecian and his PROOF partner artist Riley Rossmo's current title - RASPUTIN and I am hooked.

The art style of Riley is a cool one for me. I like the sketchy yet structured look and he certainly has improved since the first time I saw his art in issue #1 of Proof. Well, at least the first page looks better as that is honestly the only page I saw.

Alex does what I wish every writer would/could do. Leaves the last word balloon on page one cranked with mystery or intrigue. You hit that last balloon and that last sentence just makes you want to turn the next page. You feel a desire build and you know you just want to read more. That is what Alex expertly did in the last word balloon, on that last panel, of that first page.

Now I have to admit it wasn't solely based on that word balloon that I got all the current issues of Rastputin. No, there was a strong nostalgic draw as well. Remembering reading about that damn Big Foot, Proof and his sanctuary and recalling the fond memories I had for that series did have a role in my decision as well. But ya know, that last word balloon with that last sentence started it all.

Can't wait to see where this book ends.

(Okay, I know how it "ends". It is about Rasputin. Probably the most famous Russian next to a certain metal coated mutant that shares the last name, but I can't wait to see how we get there is what I mean)


Avatar mash-up is from Ross Pearsall... and of course those that own the original characters Smiley
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