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Author Topic: BLACK CANARY  (Read 1877 times)
Jimmy T
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« on: June 20, 2015, 11:53:14 AM »

A game changer.

Issue #1 shows that Dinah is the recently signed lead singer for a band call 'Black Canary.' She gets attacked by ninjas or gangs during shows.

Her past is a mystery. Her voice power/projection is very much there. There's a great 'feel' to her that she is a battle trained ninja-martial artist type person that has seen more than she would have wanted to experience. I'm very curious about this presentation of 'her.'

The art...much like so much of the open DCYOU is so much more 'indie' *ugh, sorry and hate to use that word!*. But its not Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, Bryan Hitch, Mike Deodato or any of that like. And, to my credit as a snob that worships at the beginning of the modern age of comic artists like George Perez, Curt Swan, and their visual progeny; I the art. The end got a bit shitty (I'll say that!) but I liked it. Personalities lit up faces, anger and sadness were on the page to share. This DCYou movement really does highlight more of what others do like in comic arts. Here's to hope and progress!

HOWEVER- Green Arrow & Black Canary? Their relationship could not have existed. This is not any Dinah we read as a daughter of another Black Canary. Certainly never a Justice Leaguer. Certainly not an on again off again lover to Ollie. Not a Birds of Prey (as far as I could tell).

So. Very. Different.

Since it's Black doesn't matter that much to me. However, there has to be some people out there that will hate this white washing of the previous character...this..."Ultimatizing" of the character and story....

Time will really tell.

Jimmy T since 2001
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