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Author Topic: Captain America  (Read 2849 times)
Jimmy T
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« on: March 09, 2015, 04:19:13 PM »

Do I need to keep putting SPOILERS in the tag? If I'm talking about the issue, I should be talking 'bout spoilers!! Cheesy

As far as issue #4
That said, I dig this new direction. Well, so far its just been 4 issues of fighting, and well, I love me some Zemo. I didn't care how Brubaker turned Zemo back into a fool of a Zemo in the end of his Cap run, but I like this guy here. Manipulative, smarter than everyone else in the room, conniving, a great planner, strategist, and playing with the upper hand.

I've liked seeing Sam's backstory; to see how it pertains to his thinking now. To see how a life that should have beaten him down only caused him to pause and push back stronger and stand straight against it. Not sure with how Marvel is going if I'll get to see Sam in his personal life as the Captain (I know there's the other title, but that got inverted, so...blah blah is what I feel towards that).

I LOVE this style of Immomen's art. I've loved this guy for years, and have loved how he can change and alter his style to always be something different, creative, but wonderfully expressive and fully realized.

No, I got a friend who says this stuff is worth skipping, but I can only highly disagree about that!

EDIT: just going off of Perry's advice to make it a Cap thread, and warn of what the spoilers would be of, simply to keep one thread active and going. Wink
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« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2015, 05:29:23 PM »

Do I need to keep putting SPOILERS in the tag? If I'm talking about the issue, I should be talking 'bout spoilers!! Cheesy

The way I do it, not that you have to, is find the thread about the title (IE: Captain America  Cheesy) and then when you are talking about a certain issue, put it at the top and then if anyone reads from there ... well, there own fault if they get spoiled.

Cap issue #4

If I see that, and still read .. well ... that's on me.

Or ignore the main title thread and start a new one each issue if you want. Especially if there isn't a Captain America thread. Whatever.

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