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Author Topic: TMNT  (Read 1631 times)
G:The Last Man
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« on: August 24, 2014, 07:55:26 AM »

I was fully expecting this to suck.  I was pleasantly entertained.  I saw Michael Bay was attached to this film, and the very thought of Megan Fox's acting abilities makes me cringe. But my kid wanted to see it, and I obliged her.......took her to one of the vestiges of Americana.  The Drive-In.  Plus the double feature movie was Guardians of the Galaxy.  Cool

I thought they did a pretty good job translating the cartoon, even more so than Transformers, and the personalities of the Turtles were pretty spot on.  It was a little weird how they tweaked their origin to include April O'Neil that I felt was unnecessary, and Will Arnet has done better performances.  I was kinda surprised that even Whoopi Goldberg played a part in this movie too!

I wouldn't mind watching this again.  7 out of 10 heroes in a halfshell.

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