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Author Topic: advice on what to CGC  (Read 2652 times)
HR Super Hero
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« on: April 02, 2014, 10:02:49 PM »

we are doing a pretty big renovation in the kitchen and bathroom of our home and i was thinking of taking some books to get graded and try to sell them to help pay for some of the costs.  i picked out 16 books and i was wondering if you guys could throw out some input on if you thought it was worth getting them graded.

i will list the book and then in parentheses i will put what i think it could be graded at.

amazing spidey 129 (6.0-7.0)
amazing spidey 300 (7.5-8.5)
amazing spidey: trial of venom #1 (9.0-9.8 )
amazing spider-man vs wolverine #1 (8.0-9.0 )
spectacular spidey 158 (8.5-9.0)
uncanny xmen 50 (5.0-7.5)
uncanny x-men 95 (8.5-9.5)
uncanny xmen 96 (7.5-8.5)
uncanny xmen 266 (8.5-9.0)
uncanny xmen 248 (8.5-9.0)
new mutants 87 (8.5-9.5)
new mutants 98 (8.5-9.5)
secret wars 8 (7.0-9.0)
walking dead 7 (8.0-9.5)
walking dead 19 (8.5-9.5)
walking dead 50 (8.5-9.5)

also...can you guys think of any more key late 80s-2000s books that maybe i could get graded?

thanks for the help in advance.
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Just an old man
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« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2014, 01:21:46 PM »

Sorry Cow, with what I know about CGC I couldn't fill a thimble ... even halfway. I just know they go for ridiculous amounts on Ebay.

I guess take whatever ones are worth the most in the condition you think they are in? But I do think that regardless, the closer to "10" they are, the better your chances are of getting more money, so maybe just send the ones with the higher grading? And with that ... my knowledge is now dry.

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