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Author Topic: THOR Thread "Have at thee"  (Read 12184 times)
Jimmy T
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« Reply #15 on: January 31, 2011, 04:14:18 AM »

As I was catching part of the first Iron Man movie on tv again today, I started to compare what I love about that movie with what I rather dislike about the current going.

1. Action. Tony Stark is causing a change in his world personally and professionally. To what do I speak of? The movie or the comic? They both are actually doing the same thing. So, a 'push' is what I'll call this.

2. ACTION. Okay, this is the pulse pounding, get your blood moving action. The movie wins out, because it's cool to see the suit made "real." And, with the comics, so far in the last 7 issues Tony has flown to an expo, flown to Japan to make fussy quips, and flew around real fast with drones. Boring in the comics!

3. Wonder. The current arc doesn't fill me with the comic book sense of wonder. The problem is, is that its not pedestrian. It's thoughtful, thought out, and a little thought provoking. But I feel the same way when I read a science magazine talking about doing nano-surgeries on the heart. Really damned great we can do that, but hardly something that makes me clamor for the ftuture issue of it. Not the best aanalogy, but suffer through it with me.

In the end, the comics make me want the story to end and get to the next thing because the current thing doesn't hold me. That's about as simple as I can put it.

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