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Author Topic: MISPRINT volume two the new warriors #6 direct edition  (Read 3074 times)
« on: November 16, 2010, 07:01:55 PM »

 Shocked okay so i have a volume two #6 the new warriors direct edition MISPRINT it is what i would call in good condition though not mint the upper left hand corner is allitle ripped but other than that the other three corners are alittle damaged (though alot less damage than the tiny rip in the upper left) the pages are all in what i would call mint condition (though im nowhere near an expert at this sort of thing) anyways the title page is cut off on the top so you can only see the bottom of "the new" words and the bottom of the cover page has a color test strip that is pretty large with many colored boxs within the strip...not only that but the entire cover and back is attached to the comic upsidedown and reversed as if it were a what im asking is how much would YOU pay for it?
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