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News: Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn in theaters now!
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 on: Today at 02:50:15 PM 
Started by Perry - Last post by Jimmy T
(Perry, Rich's post is from 2 years ago! Wink )

 on: Today at 02:48:47 PM 
Started by Gay Titan - Last post by Jimmy T
He did one ....18 years ago or so...Wink

I liked it. He had to take the weird Supergirl as a fallen angel merged with proto-matter into a viable character...then write her out and away to make room for Michael Turner and Jeph Loeb to, once again, re-introduce Kara Zor-El to the DC universe.

She's been frequently non-published though, as far as I recall though.

 on: Today at 02:39:50 PM 
Started by Gay Titan - Last post by Jeff
I didn't know Peter David was doing Supergirl!

 on: Today at 02:35:27 PM 
Started by Gay Titan - Last post by Perry
Speaking of  Supergirl, Jimmy, Jeff, anyone ... How's about Peter David's Supergirl? Never read it. Worth a go or no?
If you remember

 on: Today at 10:56:52 AM 
Started by Perry - Last post by Perry
Ummm, first off, did I see Rich make te post above?
I damn sure don'
t remember it

A little late now ... okay, late as #&*$, but ...
How ya doing, Rich?

Anyway, thinking about picking up a 99'er, four issue trade of Justin Jordan's Breaklands: Season One (free for Comixology Unlimited folks) but was wondering if Jeff knew anything about it first.

Of course then, after seeing that and before coming here to ask Jeff I make the mistake of seeing what else they have and dang it, wouldn't ya know it, all the FF (and Avengers) comics that I love from the say ... 20 to 50 original price range are up for sale. I am going to jump on some FF (I think) even though I will be getting MU soon, I can't let a price like that slip by. Not when I have holes in my digital stuff I need filling.

Man, the wife is going to have to find out about this one, though I may be able to ... no ... yeah, I'm gonna get in trouble again. Hope to see you guys in about 3 months when I recover from this ass beating I am about to take
Maybe Jeff will be started with The Blade Itself by then?
 Grin Grin Wink

 on: Today at 08:14:01 AM 
Started by Jimmy T - Last post by Perry
Still skipped it.


 on: Today at 07:57:08 AM 
Started by Jimmy T - Last post by Jeff
Still skipped it.

 on: Today at 02:57:50 AM 
Started by Perry - Last post by Perry
And I'm betting on your dinosaur halycon days of yore, ear plugs were not a thing. Wink

 Cheesy Cheesy
Yep, correct. Well, that and being totally stupid and not wanting to do it  Roll Eyes!!!

Never saw Motorhead.  Undecided I only saw Anthrax when they opened for Ozzie, the ... the second time I saw him, I think ...?... and they, like every single band that I saw with Ozzie, in the three times I saw him, sounded so much better than he did that it was ridiculous.
Anthrax was great, really fun (loved how they played up "Got the Time" with the audience), Ozzie's band was great, Ozzie was horrible. Each. And. Every. Time.

Hmmm, Just thought about it more and ... yeah ... Zach was the guitarist then, I think ... so maybe it was the third and final time I saw Ozzie?? ... Damn ... I can't remember now

 on: Today at 02:43:25 AM 
Started by Jimmy T - Last post by Perry
You've seen a comic movie before me?Huh  Shocked Shocked Shocked

Well, honestly, I've seen part of a comic movie before you. Saw the first ... half(?) of Birds of Prey and the blah, blah, blah of Harley awhile back but didn't see all of it. Sickness, not TOTALLY from the movie, played a roll in seeing so little, but yeah, Black Mask was portrayed almost as stupidly overthetop as Joker was. Maybe it is just the act of being around Margot Robbie that drives the guys ape-shit crazy??
 Cheesy Cheesy

 on: April 06, 2020, 04:33:06 PM 
Started by Perry - Last post by Jimmy T
Did it!

The Avengers
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Iron Man
Captain America: The First Avenger
Avengers Endgame
Guardians of the Galaxy
Thor: Ragnarok
Captain America: Civil War
Spider-Man 2
Deadpool 2
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
Black Panther
Blade II
Iron Man 2
X-men: Days of Future Past
Avengers Infinity War
Spider: Homecoming
Thor Dark World
Captain Marvel
Dr. Strange
X-men Apocalypse
The Amazing Spider-Man
Fantastic Four
X-Men: First Class   
Ant-man & the Wasp
Spider-man Far From Home
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Iron Man 3
The Incredible Hulk
Daredevil (*The Directors Cut; cuz the theatrical release makes no sense)
The Punisher
Spider-Man 3
The Amazing Spider-man 2
The Wolverine
Blade: Trinity
Punisher: War Zone
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
X-Men: The Last Stand
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Damn my numbered list won't come with it! Stupid html reading.

That said...I had to add 11 movies to this list since last I 'updated' it!!

Again, opinions may vary. Some were put on this list in the order they appear based on I enjoyed them, how I viewed them as 'cinema' and some are there because I wanted them to appear where they do. I'm not even sure I agree with myself all the time now!

It's weird; I almost judge eveything based on 'Thor Dark World' now. Did I like it more or less than Dark World? I mean, there's a lot about Dark World I really enjoyed...but a lot I know is kinda dumb or weak. So, it's a horse apiece if I did it right!

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