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Title: December 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Gay Titan on September 15, 2022, 08:50:38 PM
Loads of fun stuff for the holidays. (

Title: Re: December 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Jeff on September 15, 2022, 11:02:39 PM
Ok - here we go!!

Timeless #1 - They had me with Miss Minutes on the cover.  But it's a Kang story showcasing the years new stories?  Oh yeah!

Dark Web #1 - Madelyn Pryor?  Zeb Wells?  Magik on the cover?  And Spider-Man?  Yes please.  I'm in.

Amazing Spider-Man #15 & 16 - Ed McGuinnes replaced JRJR as artist?  Hmmmm.  Hopefully I'm still onboard by the time this comes out.  Plus it ties in to Dark Web.

Venom #14 - Dark Web tie-in and written by Al Ewing.

Mary Jane & Black Cat #1 - Jed MacKay writing Black Cat again?  And a Dark Web tie in.  Maybe....

Dark Web X-Men #1 & 2 - Starting to look like I'm board for all of these tie-ins.

Fantastic Four #2 - Doombots!!

Planet Hulk Worldbraker #2 - Hmmmm.  I'll have to try this one out.

Sabertooth & the Exiles #2 - I was excited until I saw the variant cover with that egg lady Nanny on it.  I'm sure I'll try it out anyway.

X-treme X-Men #2 - Chris Claremont & Slavador Larroca together again!  I'm in so in for this!

Secret Invasiton #2 - I liked the original event.  I'll give this a try.

Doctor Strange Fall Sunrise #2 - I'm ready for some more Dr Strange in my life.

X-Terminators #4 - I like all of these ladies - Dazzler, Boom-Boom, Jubilee, and X-23 (I refuse to call her Wolverine).  This could be fun.

Legion of X #8 - This series is so weird.  But I'll most likely still be reading it.

X-Men Annual #1 - Firestar spotlight - I'm there!

X-Men Red #9 - I'm still reading this right now but it's on the bubble...

Immortal X-Men #9 - So far this is the best X-Title out.  So I'll likely still be reading.

X-Force #35 - Love this book.  Looks like it's still going strong.

Wolverine #28 - Yep - gotta see Logan fight his way out of this place.

Strange #9 - Loving the adventures of Clea.

Strange Academy: Finals #3 - Soooooo glad this is coming back!

Punisher #9 - Not sure I'll still be on this by issue 9.

Dare Devil #6 - Oh yeah - I'll still be on this bad boy!!

Title: Re: December 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Perry on September 16, 2022, 09:20:01 AM
First off, I don't think I've ever seen McGuinness draw Spider-Man. Hmmmm, either way, I will have to see about that one. I have become less and less a fan of his over the years. Not because he isn't good at what he does, but merely I find myself not enjoying what it is he does.

Secondly, if all things go as I plan, which they won't, the only ones I will be reading monthly once they hit MU are:

- Fantastic Four - Because I will always try to come home

- Miracle Man - Because I have always loved the idea of a Marvel Shazam family... even though it isn't theirs originally. Hopefully this time around, with new art and a new plan, this title will work out better than the last time Marvel tried?

- Dr. Strange: Fall Sunrise - Because Tradd Moore freaks me the hell out!  ;D His Surfer was great, like tripping balls while completely sober. If this title is half as good as that, I will more than happy. And how could it not be... crazy ass Steve Ditko by way of Tradd Moore? Ohhh, my eyes are drooling already.

And, I think that is it. I have one more title that I would like to add to my monthly read list above, but... I don't know, we'll see.

As for reading them at some point, when they get a good amount of issues in the can hopefully, I will be reading:

The Not So Amazing For Me, So Maybe-Man  ;D
Captain America: Symbol of Truth
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (Is it just me or does the Carmen Carnero cover look like a bad Steve Epting swipe!!)
Damage Control
Midnight Suns
Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker
Savage Avengers
Strange Academy: Finals
Immortal X-Men (This is the one I am not sure how I want to read it yet. I may read this as it hits)

In closing,
At some point, some day in the very distant future, I will try to get back to reading the Marvel Star Wars stuff. No time soon, but some day
I am excited about Avengers Assemble. Maybe because of the covers, maybe because Aaron is leaving? Is it both?
Love that Alex Ross Panther cover!!!
A new Iron Man by Duggan, it states "It all Ends". Cool, I feel the same way  ;D I don't know, maybe. Not sure on this one
The Namor cover/costume sucks
I know it's just me, probably, but that X-Terminator variant looks like Boom-Boom is cupping and kissing X-23's boob!! :D
Deadly Neighborhood Spidey cover... love the shot, great atmosphere, but wouldn't the rope just slip off?  ::)
That Bjorn Barends Ghost Rider cover really makes me miss my 2000AD days!!
Also, man I would love to see Juan Jose Ryp's Wolverine and maybe I will check in, but I just can't read Percy for any length of time

Title: Re: December 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Jimmy T on September 20, 2022, 01:17:05 AM
I will read


Dark Web sounds...ridiculous!  :D

Amazing Spider-man
...(I do like the look of the linking covers)
...and maybe I read Mary Jane & Black Cat...?? Hmm??
...Spider-man, due to Bagley on Spidey? But it's Slott...
& Spider-man The Lost Hunt because of J.M. Dematteis

Invincible Iron Man 1 - Okay, here's what I'm sick of. What's the tagline? 'Tony loses his money, his company, all his friends, blah blah....' THIS IS THE SAME STORY LINE EVERY YEAR. It's Duggan, and I have a spot in my hear for what he writes, but I'm so damned tired of this storyline in every single run of the ol'Shellhead

I think I'll Read 'Avengers Assemble' because it's Aaron's exit from the book, so why not?

Fantastic Four
Hulk: Worldbreaker
Sabretooth & the Exiles
Captain America: Sentinel & & Symbol
Ghost Rider
Moon Knight

X-treme X-men - please Larocca, return to form as one of my favorite artists ever!!
Legion of X
X-men Annual - cuz I've always loved Firestar. Thanks Spidey and his Amazing Friends!!
X-men Red
Immortal X-men