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Title: She-Hulk
Post by: Jeff on May 18, 2022, 12:45:30 AM

Iím not sure about this oneÖ.

Title: Re: She-Hulk
Post by: Perry on May 18, 2022, 09:05:05 AM
My brother hit me up last night about this, seemingly minutes after it aired as I knew nothing about it yet. He, a non-comic guy, was less than pleased. Of course, his two main gripes were the weak as hell effects and the fact they talk about her being the face of a "Superhuman Law Division".

I had to explain (after he convinced me to watch it) that yes the effects are less than stellar and they better fix that a little more before airing, which I'm not sure at this point they will, but don't be too harsh on the Superhero Lawyer part. Jenn is a lawyer in the comics but she isn't just a woman that does hero law. No idea why Marvel would pigeonhole her into something stupid like that... just let her be a damn lawyer that occasionally works with heroes. Ya know, like in the freaking comics.

The actress playing Jenn is an amazing actress, I have seen her in a few things and she is always top notch, but the directing, in parts, also looks very suspect.

I tried to calm him down so he would at least try it, as I don't see me coming back to Disney+ for this premiere (certainly not for Ms. Marvel *shudder*) and I would like his non-comic audience input on it  :D. But maybe when I come back for Obi-Wan I will check this out? Again, I do like the actress, a lot, and I did grin at the "Yes, Yes, Yes... NO, NO, NO" part.

Title: Re: She-Hulk
Post by: Jimmy T on May 21, 2022, 12:26:07 PM
the trailer felt so fast and slap/dash in creation that I felt I couldn't focus on it. We'll see.