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Title: June 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Jimmy T on March 19, 2022, 03:36:47 PM

Here we go! Marvel solicits!!

Title: Re: June 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Jimmy T on March 23, 2022, 01:40:01 AM
Am I going to read AXE Eye of Judgement? =Eh, maybe, why not?

A new Captain America volume/run, by writers I know nothing about. Let's see how this goes
(and I'll follow up with Cap Symbol of Truth for Sam Wilson as Cap)

Daredevil #1 -why new NUMBERING?!! The same team returns!! Oh well i"m there

Hellfire Gala; what does Duggan do now?

Amazing Spider-man 5, 6 : ew Romita art, but okay I'll read
Spider-man 2099

THOR!!! yES!!



...Iron Cat? wtf....

Immortal X-men ..Kieron Gillen...I'll follow ya

X-men 12...

Moon Knight!

(okay I stopped my commentary on everything I'll pick up, and mostly gone to the stuff I for sure will read)

Strange 4

Iron Man 21


Title: Re: June 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Perry on March 23, 2022, 02:47:28 PM
Daredevil #1 -why new NUMBERING?!! The same team returns!!

Yeah, this pisses me off. I get (but still not a fan) of why they renumber when a new writer comes on. Okay, a different take, a different volume, sure, but this? Total shit.


Congrats!!! (Or best of luck, maybe?)

...Iron Cat? wtf....

Pffftt, yeah, What?

As for the A.X.E stuff... I hope it is good (Gillen in the head chair helps), but do you get a "let's push the Inhumans" feel to the Eternals? O enjoy the hell out of their comic, but I also know the limitation is kinda built into that property. I don't know. I guess I will see. Hope it is good though

Also may jump into Daredevil here at the relaunch, but hell, that will kind of prove them right. Maybe I won't  :D

Disappointing that the new Defenders title looks to be the same as the current one  :-\ Was hoping for a return to the team, not this shit stuff

Never heard of George R.R. Martins "Wild Cards". No idea what that is. Will try it though

The Variants? This has a feel of Fallen Angel to me? Ya know the Supergirl comic that wasn't about Supergirl. LIke, why is this under "Marvel" and not an offshoot?

Was going to read Skroce's Clobberin' Time as I thought it was going to be more... adult. But now, I don't know

Not reading it but damn do I love that cover of New Mutants #27

I will be all over:
Banner War
New FF
Savage Avengers
Avengers Forever
Punisher War Journal (Hate that stupid Skull though)

Title: Re: June 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Gay Titan on March 24, 2022, 12:42:56 PM
A.X.E.   Skipping this. Just don't care about two-thirds of this.
Spider-Man 2099... curious about this and gonna try the first issue
Genis-Vell... love the cover with Legacy in the background
Iron Cat... HARD PASS! WTF???
Legion of X... maybe. If the first issue holds my attention, then I am in.
Avengers Forever... yes!
Strange.... I kinda like Clea as Sorceress Supreme
Iron First.... end of the mini series. what's next?

Title: Re: June 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Jeff on March 25, 2022, 03:00:50 AM
As for me:

AXE - I'll try it but my hopes aren't high.

Daredevil - Of course.  Don't get the renumbering either but no way I'm not reading it.

Hellfire Gala - I'll probably read it because I must hate myself.

Thor - yes.  And I might as well pick up Banner War for the crossover.

Genis-Vell Captain Marvel - It's Peter David for gosh sakes - I have to get this!!!

The Variants - Yeah I'm intrigued.

New FF - I'll try it because of the writers.

Legion of X - I'll be on this unless it sucks.

X-Force - still liking this today.

New Mutants - might dive back into this.

Immortal X-Men - Definitely

X-Men Red - I'll try it since Ewing is writing.

Wolverine - most likely

X-Men - that cover does not make me want to stay on this book.

Moon Knight - Yes

Strange - Yes - I like Clea and McKay can write women well.

Fantastic Four - depends on how the next issue goes

Captain Marvel - Yes

She Hulk - trying this out

Maestro - YES!!