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Title: May 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Gay Titan on February 18, 2022, 08:40:01 PM
Seems like an eternity til we will get to read these. (

Title: Re: May 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Jeff on February 20, 2022, 05:10:51 PM
Itíll go faster then you think since itís only three months.

I may have to try out Jason Aaron on Punisher.  That could redeem him after his Avengers fail.

Title: Re: May 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Perry on February 20, 2022, 08:17:25 PM
Yeah, Marvel's wait is nothing. I don't really miss it now.

Title: Re: May 2022 Solicitations
Post by: Jimmy T on March 04, 2022, 04:49:35 PM
Here we go!

Captain America Symbol of Truth 1; It's Sam back in the stars and stripes!



Spider-man 2099 Exodus Alpha 1, Exodus 1-2; as long as Miguel isn't in that dumb awful white outfit...

Devil's Reign 1 Omega,

New Fantastic Four 1 -because of Peter David!!

Secret Invasion...gonna avoid it as hard as I can...

Amazing Spider-man 3, 4 - for as long as I can stand Romita's art

Venom 8; we'll see if I'm still reading this book at this point...

Ben Reilly Spider-man 5-thank you YES

Miles Morales Spider-man 38, I don't even know if I will be reading this in 3 months...*shrugs at indifference to the title*

Venom Lethal Protector 3; that cover is MY Venom! what a great cover! What a great look!!!! Look at it!!!

Legion of X 2;  because of Legion. Because of Si Spurrier

X-men Red 3; because of Al Ewing

Immortal X-men 3; because of Kieron Gillen

X-men 11; still trying to follow it

Punisher 3; because of Jason Aaron

Iron Man 20; I think I am...on light weeks...

Black Panther 6; okay, do I try this again?

Maestor World War M; yes for ALL the reasons!!

Strange 3; because I'm really starting to like Jed Mackay

Moon Knight 11; again, Jed Mackay

Silver Surfer Rebirth

Captain Marvel; because I'm starting to follow it here...