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Post by: Jimmy T on February 12, 2022, 01:52:28 PM
A personal favorite player of mine, a guy untouched by scandal, shitty intentions, personal failings or anything to ever make you regret cheering for him, he was a Packer through and through, and has remained in Green Bay all his life.

The Packers lost Superbowl 32, and Mike Shanahan's comments about the game was "To win, we knew we had to take Butler out of the game. We schemed our offense to minimize what he could do."

AND HE WAS FINALLY VOTED IN THIS YEAR!! 3 years making the final 15, last year of modern eligibility, and he's in!

The Packers took a decade to be able to replace him once he retired. We got Nick Collins, who was then instrumental in Superbowl 45, who we lost to injury the next year when it was revealed he has spinal stenosis. Then, another near decade until Darnell Savage and Adrian Amos became quality teammates to help make the safety role a solid position again.

And Butler invented the Lambeau Leap!!!

Love #36!!!