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Title: Cowboy Bebop
Post by: Perry on December 06, 2021, 08:05:28 PM
Decided to start a thread about this show, instead of talking about it in the Lost in Space thread  ;D

This show is almost JUST like the animated show. If you have ever seen that and enjoyed what you saw, you will like this. It is almost identical. At least from what I remember of the anime show.

I mean its in English now, hahaha, not dubbed, but yeah, it is just like the show.

If you like the way Tarintino directs, you will enjoy this show. He is very similar in his style. That is not to say that it is full of cursing, sex, blood, and the use of the "N" word  :D but the style is there.

It is interesting. Let me just say that.

I like it.

The show is about these "Cowboys" (Bounty Hunters are called Cowboys in the future  :)) whom travel on a ship called "Bebop" (which is a cool ship) looking for bounties. And of course one holds a secret about his past (not so secret, as it is heavily hinted at pretty early)

Worth a look if you like stuff like Fifth Element (which I do)

Title: Re: Cowboy Bebop
Post by: Perry on December 09, 2021, 04:34:10 PM
I am up to episode 5 now and man, this is almost not worth watching as almost everything is just like it was in the past. As far as I remember anyway. This is almost literally the exact anime in live action format. It is cool, but also kind of less impactful to us that saw the show way back when.

Maybe I am wrong and there are differences? I haven't seen the show in a long time, but I swear they either copy and pasted this show or they did a great job of bringing the most important things that I remember up to the forefront!

Crazy. May have to check the Anime out again to compare