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Title: Substack comics
Post by: Perry on September 18, 2021, 02:48:25 PM
Well, I keep forgetting to post this and it has been awhile since I originally saw this which means I have also forgotten most of what I was going to accurately say, but ...

I think I remember something about that the creators that are going to Substack will be releasing them at Image, in print form, at a later time.

If anyone can confirm a creator saying that please do as I have no idea where I got that from (may have been in my subscription email for one of the creators I follow even).
Now I only follow them under the free option, for now  :) but speaking truthfully, I'm already getting tired of how many freaking emails I get. I can't imagine what some of the people that paid for a sub or two (or more) are getting if I am getting this much in the free versions. So far Donny Cates seems non-stop with his output. I know someone has said Hickman is very active as well, but I am not getting too many from him on the free side of things