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Title: Black Widow Movie
Post by: Perry on June 26, 2021, 03:42:26 PM
Well, I just pre-ordered the Black Widow movie on Disney+.

The wife had started to get a little wishy-washy on her thoughts of this movie, if she wanted to see it or not. After originally saying she didn't care one way or the other, she more recently stated she didn't HAVE to see it and how she was "perfectly okay" if I watched it at the theater, alone, without her. But earlier today and a few times yesterday, after hearing me talking about the trailer and the abundance of add spots, she is now wondering what she wants. If she wants to see it or not. I went ahead and took the apparently painful decision away from her and ordered it.
$30 gone but now if she wants to watch it she can and if not ... I can (if it is good enough) at least watch it over and over again for the next three months. So yeah, even though it cost a little more, in the end I think I played it smart and played it safe

I mean let's be honest, it isn't that much more for me to watch it at home, with the ability to pause and rewind than to go to the theater. Even with a $5 or $6 ticket, I am someone that has to have popcorn and a drink, so that $5 or $6 movie was still going to cost me about $22 ... for me alone

Will I miss the theatric atmosphere? I doubt it. Not with the theater I go to. If it were a regular theater I would say yes, yes I would probably miss the laughter ... the tears ... the inspiring "ooos and ahhhs" that a crowd can provide, but not with this theater I go to. There is usually around 3 or 4 people in the entire place, including me and the wife every time I go see a movie there. Every time. So I may miss it, miss the crowd, but no, I won't miss it by not going to this theater and being at home.

Title: Re: Black Widow Movie
Post by: Jeff on July 10, 2021, 03:23:55 AM
Saw this today at the theater.  Really enjoyed it. Without spoiling Iíll just say that it was an average Marvel movie.  Now thatís a high bar so itís not disparaging by any stretch of the imagination.  I give it a thumbs up and will wait for others to see it before weighing in with more.  And yes, there is an after credit scene.

Title: Re: Black Widow Movie
Post by: Perry on July 10, 2021, 09:46:06 AM
Also saw it yesterday, twice, from home (hopefully the new norm). Of course please don't misconstrue the fact I saw this movie two times within an 11 hour period that I found it so well done that the draw was there for me to watch it once more. No, I merely watched it as soon as I woke up, which everyone knows is waaaay too early most times (around 4) and then talked to the wife about it who suddenly decided she wanted to give it a try. So yeah, I sat through it again with her.

But on the flip side, don't take my statement about watching twice only due to the wife as a reluctance to see it again, I don't think it is a bad movie. I don't think I would have watched it virtually back to back had it not been for the wife is all  :D

Like Jeff, I think it is a decent MCU flick. Not at the best movie from the studio, but not at the bottom either. Haven't thought about where I would put it on my list of MCU movies yet, I think it is too fresh for that, but I can't see it being the worst of the MCU proper. It certainly will not be down there with the other Marvel based films like The Inhumans, the Fantastic Four or Ghost Rider by any means.

Were there aspects of this movie that I think they could have ... should have been done better, sure, but that is almost always the case. I don't want to spoil anything, so I will also wait to go into all that (There isn't much)

Title: Re: Black Widow Movie
Post by: Gay Titan on July 19, 2021, 06:56:11 PM
Saw it at home thru Disney+. It was okay and a fun movie. Really wasn't worth the premiere access price but still enjoyable for a Friday night on the couch with a beer.

Title: Re: Black Widow Movie
Post by: Jimmy T on August 16, 2021, 04:50:03 AM
I will comment on it at greater length tomorrow.

It was fine. Some things not so much.

Title: Re: Black Widow Movie
Post by: Jimmy T on September 03, 2021, 03:21:37 AM
Let's see if I can get geared up for this.

'Black Widow' I will probably....never watch a second time. Sad to say, but most likely true.

the first thing that really pulled me, and my wife even, out of the movie was the physicality of the fights/stunts. The car crash, the falling off the buildings; she looked over to me with a quizzical look "Did I miss something? Did she get a super soldier serum somewhere?" Nope!

But in trying to a grandize Widow by herself in her own film, they had to keep going over the top. More and more and more so. Totally removed me from the film. I mean, go back to Age of Ultron and Clint telling Wanda "I shoot a bow and arrows. But when Cap asks me to go out there and help, then I'm going to answer the call."

Too much of this movie was ridiculous. And that's a shame.

Watching children abductions in the beginning of the movie...yeah...there's a triggering moment for some that is not present in other movies.

She felt like she was ...just along for the ride. It's her movie, but it was like Blade Trinity, which was made to highlight other characters. Her 'sister' was awesome! Just great! And David Harbour was great!

I think it tried to be too ridiculous James Bond *(and each Daniel Craig James Bond movie got more ridiculous than the last), and too much super kick ass hero, that the heart and humanity of the character got left behind.