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Title: Hickman off X-Men
Post by: Perry on April 16, 2021, 08:35:50 PM
So damn, Hickman is leaving the X-Men.

Well, leaving the X-Men title

Uh-Oh (

I like Duggan and all, but honestly, he is no Hickman, but hey ... I'm hoping Hickman's new title will be one I want ... 'cause I'm going to read it regardless.  :D
I will also stay on X-Men proper, regardless, even if unhappy about its direction or who is on the team. I don't ever want to be as far removed from the mutants as I felt just a few months ago. I still don't know a 16th of the peeps I am reading about. Will stick with X-proper just to stay in the loop for the foreseeable future.

Title: Re: Hickman off X-Men
Post by: Jimmy T on April 18, 2021, 02:55:33 PM
Duggan did write some pretty darn good Hulk, and he wrote Deadpool for 10 years, which I would HIGHLY recommend to read. I loved it. It's a great read. It's good stuff. Its not inane dumb silly Deadpool-I mean, Wade is still Wade, but it was great comic reading.

Hickman gone? Okay. I mean the table is set, all is there. Although, if he was the main architect for X of Swords, I would say that I've soured a bit on the X titles. I've got them in MU Post XoS....and I'm going to have to force myself to restart reading X men again.

This sounds like I'm crapping on Hickman-but I'm crapping on Swords. His restart of X men was brilliant! Loved it! Way to give it something to do! But I still have catching up to do to see where it all goes now.

Title: Re: Hickman off X-Men
Post by: Perry on April 18, 2021, 09:39:41 PM
I am putting in my memory, forcing it into my mind, that X of Swords, while under Hickman' watch, was not really Hickman's baby. I am going to tell myself that he had the idea of putting the two island's inhabitants against each other in various contests and what the outcome would end up being (ya know, the basic outline), but I can't image, I won't accept Hickman being responsible for things like
Wolverine's Catwalk contest.

Sticking my fingers in my ears if I hear differently.

Title: Re: Hickman off X-Men
Post by: Jeff on April 20, 2021, 06:57:11 PM
Not sure how I missed this post!  I was hoping Hickman would tighten the reigns on this world more than letting them widen.  Iíll stay with it since the mutants are my favorites but I hope we donít get more things like X of Swords.