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Post by: Jeff on December 06, 2020, 09:04:47 PM
This would explain all the layoffs. (

Post by: Perry on December 07, 2020, 07:49:22 AM
This would explain all the layoffs. (

Well it would certainly help explain them, for sure. But I don't know ... I can see the possibility of selling Warner Media, maybe, but with that I think they would also have to sell all of Warner Bros (as Warner Media is just an aspect of the 5 things AT&T bought with the purchase of Time/Warner. like Warner Bros, Warner Media (a different thing), Turner, (including CNN) and other stuff I can't remember  :D ) and having just bought those ... I don't know. I don't see it. I can't see them dropping or selling for a loss. and right now, W.Media is down., but heck ... maybe some other company can swoop in seeing the possibilities for the future? IP's are the money maker, and while I see them scoffing at "comics" I can't see any company saying -
"Hey, this 'Superman' character ... I don't think there is money there"

AT&T did force Warner Brothers to put the 2021 movies (and WW '84) up on HBOMAX in order to compete, but had they just waited a few more months to a year to start HBOMax, allowing them to get a slate of properties up, I don't think they would have been off to such a bad start. The essentially said "Here, pay us $15 a month for all the stuff you have already seen, and in one year, or so, we will have a different version of Justice League for you to watch. Sound good?"  :D
I mean the literally started their streaming service as the highest priced option with the least amount of new stuff. What did they expect would happen? Yes, their catalog is INCREDIBLE, but those of us that have had HBO for years and years, have seen almost everything they have already, so ...

I can't see AT&T dropping anything, yet, I just think they are forcing DC to move away from print and more to digital. Slowly, but yeah, that is what I see.

But I am sure I am wrong
 ;D :D :D

But that is crazy. Thanks for the info ...

Could Marvel (Disney) make another push for DC? They almost had it once ...  :)