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Title: Fantastic Four undergoing "a new, major, permanent status quo change" in October
Post by: Jeff on July 21, 2020, 11:49:10 AM
This is from (

Fantastic Four undergoing "a new, major, permanent status quo change" in October.
By Chris Arrant

Marvel's superhero family the Fantastic Four will be undergoing a "new, major, permanent status quo change" this October... and its just in time for the celebratory 25th issue of its ongoing title under current writer Dan Slott's run.

Ahead of their full October 2020 solicitations coming later this month, Marvel has revealed the solicit for Fantastic Four #25 - and it promises big changes.

The "new villains" are a mystery, however with a promised appearance by Doctor Doom in this issue and the current Empyre event concluding just before Fantastic Four #25, there are some suspects.

As for "New uniforms," if the Mark Brooks cover is any indication, the team have a revised costume that ditches the recent blue-on-black, in favor of a black-on-blue - this time with a functional belt, and some differences in the lines on the outfits.

The "new, major, permanent status quo change" would seem to be in reference to the upcoming events of Fantastic Four #23, which promised that "two lives that that [sic] will be forever changed!". Valeria and Franklin are on the cover to that issue, so it appears - or Marvel wants readers to speculate - that they'll be the ones "forever changed."

Lastly, who could Marvel be referring to when they say "the most important characters in the entire cosmos…returns from the dead"?

That could be referring to the Silver Surfer, who was thought dead in the opening moments of Donny Cates' Guardians of the Galaxy when he was sucked into a black hole. Readers know that Norrin Radd lived on - as seen in the Silver Surfer: Black limited series - but was left changed, sporting an all-black look after a confrontation with Knull - who happens to be the antagonist in Marvel's next major event, King in Black.

Title: Re: Fantastic Four undergoing "a new, major, permanent status quo change" in October
Post by: Perry on August 02, 2020, 04:26:01 AM
Sorry for the delay on getting back to this post, but that kinda of exemplifies my feeling on the FF right now and I have noticed that, maybe it is just the big two thing that pops up from time to time, but as the FF is going, so is my desire for new big two comics again.

Now I hope this "New" thing will improve a title that is dead to me now but I don't know ...

It really hit me reading the latest FF issue (#21) and ... well ... it has been a long time since I felt this, but yeah, I got through that issue and five minutes later, while looking for another read I thought "Did I read this?" and that right there, let me tell ya, that is the sign it is time to stop.

I'm tired of a lot of things with the FF, but not remembering (not caring a damn bit) about an issue that I just read tells me that I have no love, no enjoyment or hell, even anger towards this book anymore and when I just don't care one way or the other about a title I have loved for decades, a title that is responsible for me reading these damn things called comic books, it is time for me to step slowly aside.

And I feel that way towards most of Marvel and DC it seems now.

I will still get a couple of my favs of course. Like at Marvel I will still grab/gravitate to Conan, Daredevil, Doctor Strange (and Strange academy), Thor ... and even Venom, whom I have always hated (but yeah, it is F'n good!) but with most of what I would consider my flagship titles at Marvel ...
Amazing Spider-Man being slowed to a crawl (by a pretty good writer, I say, but the hunted story line should not have taken 26 issues to tell, damn it !!)
Avengers, also being written by a good writer but being as lack luster of a title as I can ever remember it being (I don't care about anything going on in Aaron's Avenger ... up until this latest Moon Knight arc, which I will finish  ;D)
X-Men once again being swamped with titles that makes it hard for a casual X reader like me to stay informed much less caught up
To my Fantastic Four, my beloved, being just a bullshit excuse for a title and with its long history it should never, ever be

Plus, this art lately? What the hell is with the art that seems to permeate most of the titles now ... just this bland as hell, no style, no emotion, super bright, color saturated cheap as hell looking product ... BAH (I know I am switching companies here, but for example of this over bright over colored abomination, just go try and open a page of the recent Legion of Super-Heroes title without wearing sun-glasses ... go ahead, try it. And I will see you at the optometrist because you just burned your damn cornea away. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! It is bad enough that Bendis has made another one of my favs, one I was so much looking forward to unreadable, but holy hell, I can't even look upon the pages most times without getting light blinded)

Yeah, I guess it is just that time again, time for my big two bitching. It happens every so often doesn't it?  ;D

Okay, yeah, so for now, bye-bye FF. I hope to see ya around some other time

Title: Re: Fantastic Four undergoing "a new, major, permanent status quo change" in October
Post by: Jimmy T on August 08, 2020, 05:37:32 AM
I had to double check to make sure Perry didn't 'copy/paste' an old post of mine discussing Superman or Spider-man.

A little tongue in cheek, that comment, but also sad. It's part of my ambivalence in the last few years to my flagships.