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Title: "Fantastic" reminder
Post by: Perry on February 28, 2020, 03:31:48 PM
Came across an article discussing Franklin's history (when he first was described as "mutant") a few moments ago and while I haven't read the entirety of it as of yet, my eyes did scan across all the pretty pictures  ;D From Kirby, Buscema, Romita, Rich Buckler (who gets so much shit for being unoriginal, copying the styles of others (and that pisses me off) and of course the unobtrusive inks of the best in the biz Joe Sinnott ... all the art, the power, the majesty, makes me smile so much looking over it to this day.

Truly made me miss the team (family) and how it used to make me feel. Sure it was never a huge seller by the time I jumped onto the title in the mid-seventies, it did fine, but not what you would consider its heyday as far as "public recognition", not like Hulk and Spidey had during that same time (FF cartoon or not), but to me, it was still "Marvel's Greatest Comic Magazine"

If ya want some nostalgia, though maybe not as heart felt as my own  :D :D, HERE ( is the CBR article.