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Title: Lost in Space Season 2
Post by: Jeff on February 09, 2020, 03:48:41 AM (

Family and I started this today and we couldnít stop!  Went through the first 4 episodes before kiddos bedtime.

Another great season with this series.  Iím not thrilled about...
Them hooking back up with the other people.  I was hoping for more planet hopping like the old series.
...but itís not enough to stop me from liking the show.  Good tension, good stuff, and good ole Dr Smith.

Hopefully weíll jump back in tomorrow with episode 5!

Title: Re: Lost in Space Season 2
Post by: Perry on February 09, 2020, 01:27:18 PM
The wife and I finished this in three days when it first hit, and I was all kind of cocky when I talked to my stepdad about it. He is also a sci-fi fan and enjoyed the first season and I was going to brag about being done with the show so quickly ... something I never am. Yet, soon as I called, with my chest all out, he was like, yeah, me and your mom finished it yesterday  >:(
Damn I hate that dude

I liked it more than the first season, and I am still surprised by that. I usually get so tired of the antagonist being so close with the others by now (ya know, shoot her ass!!) but even when I start getting that way, somehow it gets resolved to where I am okay with Dr. Smith again. I mean not liking her, but I'm okay with her being around ... if you know what I am trying to say. I hate her, but I find I am not as bothered by her presence as I think I will always be.
And this seasons finale?!?!

Title: Re: Lost in Space Season 2
Post by: Jeff on February 10, 2020, 10:37:55 PM
We made it through Episodes 5-8 on Sunday.  My kid was NOT happy when I told her we couldn't keep going because it was bedtime and a school night.   :D   Truthfully, I wasn't happy either b/c I want to see those last two episodes!  Now we'll have to wait until this weekend!

But what I have watched has been excellent.  Loved the big moment when...
Will found the Robot.  And the whole thing with the Robot becoming friends with the horse was good too.

Can't wait to see how this wraps up!