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Title: A Letter from Jeff Lemire - Gideon Falls News
Post by: Jeff on October 07, 2019, 11:12:24 PM
I got this in my inbox from Jeff Lemire today.  Exciting news!


Gideon Falls TV news and Ask Me Anything about Black Hammer

From JeffLemire on 2019-10-07 18:01

Greetings from the great white north. Hockey is back, and so am I.
 I missed New York Comicon last week, but there was some exciting Gideon Falls news announced there; James Wan, the director of* Aquaman* and T*he Conjuring* series of films, has come onboard to executive produce the Gideon Falls TV series along with Hivemind Media, and Andrea and myself.  A showrunner was also attached last month, so things seem to be moving quickly with the adaptation, hopefully more news soon.
 I also started writing the 5th arc of the series this week, and its maybe the weirdest one yet. Can't wait to see Andrea draw the new stuff. Speaking of which, I got these inks in my inbox from Mr. Sorrentino this morning, from issue 21...
 SPOILERS and all that...
 I've been in a mini-writer's room for Essex County this last week, and then again this week. We finally had a huge breakthrough on the series and the story is starting to really come together now.  In between all that, I am somehow finding room to make comics. I am outlining the next big Black Hammer series right now, and I'm very very excited about it. It will be a brand new direction for the universe but one that I feel really lives up to what we did with the "farm" storyline.
 Speaking of Black Hammer, I will be doing a Black Hammer "Ask Me Anything" this Thursday...
 What’s next for the Black Hammer comics universe? Join creator  @JeffLemire < (>
  live on Twitter Wednesday, Oct. 9 from 12-1 pm Pacific and ask him your questions about Black Hammer with tag #BlackHammerAMA < (>!
 Speaking of whats next for Black Hammer, it will be SKULLDIGGER + SKELETON BOY by myself and Tonci Zonjic. Tonci is doing incredible work on this one, and I think we got something special here, so please ask your retailers to order you a copy. The Skulldigger character will play a HUGE role not only in his own series, but in the future direction of the Black Hammer Universe both in comics and the TV adaptation, so you won't want to miss his first appearance here!

 I will be at BALTIMORE COMICON in two weeks, Maybe I will see you there. And stop by Twitter this week to ask me some Black Hammer questions.
 Go Leafs Go.
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