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Post by: Perry on July 07, 2018, 03:13:34 PM

So I had to check this out after the events of Batman and while I was not very happy with the way this started, it did get better as it went along.

The trouble with the first section, for me, was it was to hectic. Each page had anywhere from one to four panels dedicated to three different events and there was no order to their layout. So each page was kinda hard for me to stay with the flow as each panel pulled me away from the next ... if that makes any sense

However, once that stopped and we got into the comic proper (about 5 pages in) the story flowed much better and my enjoyment level increased. I really dug this book.

I skimmed through Joelle Jone's (this issues writer and artist) creator title, LADY KILLER and LADY KILLER 2 awhile back (and may still have them in my pile) but having never read them I was not sure what to expect from her on this title, other than I knew the art was going to be worth seeing, I mean  ;D but I did like her writing style ... once I got through that frustrating opening sequence.

Overall I like this issue and am looking forward to more.

7 outta 10 kittycats