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Title: Marvel STRIKE FORCE
Post by: Jeff on May 17, 2018, 08:34:14 PM

Anyone playing Marvel Strike Force on their phone or tablets?  I have and it's pretty fun.  Just a regular turn based fighting game where you build a team of Heroes and Villains working together to fight off other dimension versions of themselves.  You take in a team of 5 characters to each battle as you progress through the story.  So far I've collected 20 charcters and have built up my top 5 as my "A" team - Wolverine, Crossbones, Spider-Man, Nebula, and a SHIELD medic.  My "B" team has Luke Cage, Daredevil, Punisher, Bullseye, and Elektra.  My third tier is Winter Soldier, Jessica Jones, a SHIELD Trooper, a Hand Sorceress, and a Ravager healer.  Then my low team which I rarely use has a Hydra Trooper, a Mercenary soldier, Mercenary Guard, Hand Blademaster, and a SHIELD operative.

In some of the side events, they give you extra characters temporarly.  Right now there's a Deadpool event and he's been fun to have on the team as well as Cable.  I've also been able to use Wilson Fisk and even Thanos.

Anyway if you like this kind of game it's fun.  So far I've managed to upgrade my team members up to Level 45 without spending any real money - In App purchases of course help you progress faster, but I'm having fun without having to do that.

Thumbs up from the Jeffro.

Title: Re: Marvel STRIKE FORCE
Post by: Perry on May 17, 2018, 08:50:12 PM
I have been lucky (sad) enough to avoid all those games so far. Those Free to play games can get me in trouble too easily as I am very want to upgrade almost always.
I did try Marvel Heroes 2016 for a few days, but my current desktop is too old to keep up with game play. Once I get my new system I will go back and try it again, but if you have a decent machine, not a powerhouse ... you don't need a "gaming" rig or anything, just decent computer (something I don't have), give it a try.

This game also looks fun and sets the camera even closer to the characters so that, by itself, is better for my old eyes  :D

And come on ... Crap ... I forgot who ... I know someone here is a Strikeforce Morituri fan ... make mention that THAT Strikeforce is the true one. (feel bad I can't remember who that was that loved that series)
 >:( >:( :'( :'(

Title: Re: Marvel STRIKE FORCE
Post by: Wringer on May 18, 2018, 02:25:47 PM
(hand raised)...Strikeforce Morituri fan :)