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Title: Why hate on the Inhumans
Post by: Perry on May 14, 2018, 06:07:44 PM
Okay, I know there are some people that just don't like most of, if not all, the Inhumans and heck even I don't care for them as greatly as I think I could (even though I like them), but why is that? Yes, I do see the point that some people have about "the monarchy" being a small aspect of that hatred (I think Jimmy mentioned that one time as well  :)) Well I am starting to think the main reason they, as a group, are hated is a simple one ... they just don't look like us.

Now I know that sounds crazy. We all love insane looking characters, but as a group, when they are together, the Inhumans are the only collective I can think of with a high percentage of non-human looking characters. What other comic group/team has that .... (oh man) ... that inhuman feature being their main difference?

The reason I started to think on this is not only from past experiences, but just a few minutes ago (which yes, admittedly, is still my past  :D) I read about two characters that could easily fit into the model of being an Inhuman. The powers are odd and they don't fit into society as well as they should and I even thought to myself-
"these would have been great Inhumans"
But then it hit me ... wait ... both of them "look" like "us" on the outside, they can't be Inhumans.

Of course I know that not all Inhumans look ... odd, but by and large, yes, they look odd and that got me thinking about the popularity of the X-Men. What is the difference in Inhuman and Mutant? Not much really, other than one is based on having your powers initiate when you get pubes and the other after you inhale some killer weed gas.  :) But the main difference? The large portion of mutants LOOK like regular people while the large portion of Inhumans do not. Heck, even the Valiant universe has their "Psiots" which could easily be labeled Inhuman. Of course the Psiots are not yet as popular as the X-Men, and never will be most chances  :-\, but they have a better shot at it looking the way they look trust me

Mutants, as a whole, don't look unusual. Even when mutants pair up for a team, you always have more "regular" looking characters than non-regular looking characters. The revamped X-Men had a German demon with a tail who left a sulphur smell after he "teleported" on their team (and if THAT doesn't sound inhuman I don't know what does) but he was surrounded by normal looking people and thus loved by the millions (or at least the thousands). Even short ass Wolverine looks "normal" for the most part. But I ask you, would the X-Men have ever become popular if the team was filled with a more "inhuman" aspect of great characters like:
Glob Herman
and then a normal looking character like Storm?

Hell no!!!

Just think of all the successful groups in comics. They have at least 70% normal looking characters, but not the Inhumans, noooo ;D Hell even my beloved Fantastic Four has a 75% human looking to beast looking ratio.  :D :D

And don't say anything about the Turtles. Yes, they look different, but they are animals. Animals shouldn't count. Most everyone thinks at least one animal family is cute
Some even think the Polar Bear cute ... an animal who would kill you just as soon as look at you, people!!!  He has BEAR in the name!!! :D

I think, and I am trying not to judge, but I think that anyone that does not celebrate the Inhumans for their greatness, for being truly amazing is a ... well ... you are nothing but a Gene'ists  :D :D. And THAT is something I will not stand for.
 ;D ;D

But seriously? Could the look, the oddity of the inhumans be one reason for their lack of greatness. Although that television show certainly killed any modern chance they had at becoming popular *shiver* Eeewwww. Just look at every other Kirby creation. Everyone, especially teams or groups, and you will see they have all outshone his odd little race of heroes. Sad is what that is. Sad.

Okay, my buzz is wearing off ... I am done

Title: Re: Why hate on the Inhumans
Post by: Jimmy T on May 15, 2018, 01:29:03 PM
Love the post! Love the enthusiasm and passion!

But i still don't care about the Inhumans (franchise). Being that my main genre is fantasy, and that I've been playing dungeons and dragons for 27 years, their look didn't throw me off.

It's more that i can't imagine what that society does outside of a dozen people standing in a throne room. Oh i loved Realm of and War of Kings. Those were action pieces and plot movement events. And Black bolt was True BAMF.

But when I think of Inhumans culture, all I think they do is "be Inhuman", and that is boring to me.

Title: Re: Why hate on the Inhumans
Post by: Perry on May 16, 2018, 12:02:26 AM
But when I think of Inhumans culture, all I think they do is "be Inhuman", and that is boring to me.

I hear ya.

But even though I started this thread as a joke, I still think there is something to my thought process. Heck the only two Inhumans I have seen since their last, most recent failed attempt to start a team book are Flint and Frank McGee. Two of the most 'human' looking of the new Inhumans. And that last one Frank ... only uses his 'human" name.

I think you take Frank, Flint, Grid, Crystal and Nala (the only one that is kinda beastly looking) and put them on a team, back in the 70's ... BOOM, instant success.

Title: Re: Why hate on the Inhumans
Post by: Jeff on May 16, 2018, 02:36:51 PM
I think they suffer from the same issue the X-Men have - too many characters on the "team" at once.  It gets too confusing following so many different characters and not enough time is spent on the individuals on the team.  Makes hard to get vested.  I think it works much better with a core team and bringing in one new character at a time (like when Kitty Pryde or Rogue were brought into the X-Men).  Inhumans brought in way too many new Inhumans with no connection to the core characters.

Title: Re: Why hate on the Inhumans
Post by: Perry on May 16, 2018, 06:57:00 PM
True dat. Marvel has made that call on a lot of properties lately. It is not the 70's any longer. Comics are not 20. We can't afford to buy and take risks on characters we do not yet know like we used to be able to do. At $4 a pop now, you need to start introducing characters inside well established titles FIRST, bring them slowly into the universe and then give them a shot. Stop just throwing characters out there and expect us to pay to learn about them.
"Hey guys, here is a guy of color! We all want diversity, right? Pay us"
NO! You show us why we should want to know MORE about the new character first. How about that?

Title: Re: Why hate on the Inhumans
Post by: Jeff on May 16, 2018, 07:01:02 PM
Preach it brother Perry!