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Title: Deadman
Post by: Jeff on December 15, 2017, 06:13:31 PM
Issues 1 & 2

Having recently read the old 70ís Adventure Comics which had a Deadman section, I thought I might try this new series out.  Right off the bat Iíll say itís not for everyone because it reads just like those old Adventure stories!  For me, itís fun.  At least it is for now.  Not sure whether or not my enjoyment will sustain long term but Iím in for awhile.

Issue 2 was better than issue 1 and had some nice nods to the old days with Deadmans twin brother back as well as some of the rest of the circus cast.  The villain is not very interesting but the trip down memory lane helps make up for it.  Phantom Stranger is in this one too and he and Deadman are obviously not fond of each other.  Throw in the Spectre and Etrigan?  Oh yeah, Iím definitely in through issue 3.

7 out of 10 disembodied spirits