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Title: Dead Body Road
Post by: Jeff on December 15, 2017, 09:39:50 PM
Dead Body Road 1-6

Good little crime mini.  The art is by Matteo Scalera who you may or may not recognize from Black Science.  You'l definitely recognize the way he draws faces.  The pointy noses gives it away.  :D

It's a typical Cop goes bad goes good kind of story with a bit of a mystery thrown in.  Characters are interesting and fun to read and watch.  Good banter between characters.

It doesn't take long to read all six issues so if you've got a little time, pick it up.  If your a member of ComiXology Unlimited you can read them for free, otherwise the first issue is only 99 cents and the rest are $1.99 each.  Or you can get the collected edition on the ComiXology Image sale for $8.99.