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Title: DC's December Solicits thoughts
Post by: Perry on October 16, 2017, 07:26:27 AM
So, a couple thoughts on the December solicitations from DC (yes, way late)

- Looks like it is (sadly) true, that Sejic is off Aquaman and I was all set to stop reading because of that ... until I saw an image from the new penciler. Or at least the December issue's penciler, Ricardo Rederici, seen HERE (  :o Man, I know that the inker will make this work seem less than what this shows, and I am sure he will not have the time to produce suck panels in a monthly book (again, if he is the regular penciler) but yeah, I look forward to this!!

- Looks like Brett Booth is now penciling Action Comics. With Superman totally losing me with the new creative team there, I was thinking about giving Action another shot. I don't know ...

- The way it is described, it looks like #18 may be the last issue of New Super-Man. I hope not. Even with the art being a tad less powerful than before, I still enjoy this title.

Patiently waiting for January solicits to hit, any day now, so I can compare these three thoughts with that and see if New Super-Man #19 will exist.