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Title: Supergirl Season 3
Post by: Jimmy T on July 29, 2017, 07:33:51 PM
So, to start it off, watch the SDCC Season 3 trailer.

What I DON'T like from the get-go is the tired trope of 'I can't be Kara Danvers. That identity is a lie blah blah'

So, UGH, we're going to get a season, or partial season, of watching Supergirl go through the cliche of 'not being able to have it all' so she only goes hard core into work. So, if you take out the humanity of Supergirl, what you have is  A VERY POOR SHOW.

Supergirl helping little girls stand up to bullies, finding kittens, tossing abusive boyfriends across the bar? That's Supergirl, because that's Kara. The 'Supergirl on a Mission' theme is boring, trite, and will not be done very well, since that just means more and more DEO, and that function of the show is such a zit on the butt of the show. there going to be more Superman in the series?  :)

Title: Re: Supergirl Season 3
Post by: Jimmy T on October 28, 2017, 02:45:40 AM
I almost can't bring myself to watch this.

I watched the first ep. I'm not convinced that this is a good idea, or that the show was an actual good episode either. I'll see if I can watch ep 2 at some point.

Title: Re: Supergirl Season 3
Post by: Jimmy T on November 11, 2017, 09:26:53 PM
So, I lost ep 2 in the dvr taping schedule, but watched eps 3 & 4.

And the idea of 'Kara no more' was driven out after the first 2 (presumably) eps. It's already a down angle. I guess..yeah, I'm okay with it. She's not so angry mopey about the loss of Mon-el, but she's a hurting woman with having lost a love. that at least is being done well.

A lot of the annoyance of the DEO is scaled back some. Where I found an obnoxious, cloying, suffocating element over the show last season, here it's just used for information, setting up where the big bad is, and giving the deux ex(planation). Winn is not as highly visible this season at all, from what I've seen, and neither is James. Thankfully, I don't recall seeing Guardian this season yet either! Wahoo! Perhaps they got enough feedback to show that no one liked any of this stuff.

This show works where the relationships are strong, where no one dismisses Supergirl and tells her she 'can't', and where Melissa Benoist is allowed to carry each scene and support the show on her Kryptonian shoulders.

So far,...from what I've seen after my first ep break, ;D , the show is allowing this to happen. Now, the Lena Luthor stuff is okay, I love adding Morgan Edge, and the mystery of 'Reign' is not annoying right now, Alex and Maggie have hit a very real and true roadblock that all possibly married couples need to face.

So, I'm getting onboard and being happy watching this!

Title: Re: Supergirl Season 3
Post by: Jimmy T on March 30, 2018, 03:23:05 AM
Man....Edge is barely on. Lame!

The villain of it all...can't stand her or the angle.

GAg me-they put the 2 most awful people together- Lena Luthor and James Olson! Can it get any worse!?

Legion influence is kind of cool though. Brainy is the wrong color though!!

Title: Re: Supergirl Season 3
Post by: jedicow on July 02, 2018, 04:11:36 PM
I'm up tot he crossover episode on this and I have one observation:  there is a LOT of drinking on this show.  almost everyone tries to drown their sorrows in alcohol and when they're not drowning their sorrows, they're celebrating with shots or a glass of wine.  Dang, I never knew Kara was such a lush!

Title: Re: Supergirl Season 3
Post by: Jimmy T on July 09, 2018, 01:49:15 AM
I skipped the 3rd act.

Uh...spoiler discussion

The 3 Kryptonian Horsewomen is boring as shit. Ruby and Sam are awful characters; I can't tell if it's their acting ability, or the shlock they have to say. Anything with Lena Luthor is fast forwarded through. Anything with James and her is a chapter skip.

I'm terribly sick of this show taking place in the dark dank gloom of the DEO. Why is it so damned dark? This isn't Arrow, turn on a damned light!

The 'religious' cult bullshit was done poorly, or rather, cult bullshit is almost always crap. That hurt this season. Then, the season got waaaay too busy with accidental Legionaires in the show (which, I liked them being here, but it made for a clunky transition) along with finding Argo and her mother-which didn't merit much reaction! How was Kara and her mother not crying nonstop and holding each other fiercely for 5 episodes! They've been seperated for over 15 years!! Just brushed through too quickly.

The end 2 episodes I liked because they wrap up the prolonging hanging bad plot points, Ruby and Sam will be gone, ugh James is somehow still a factor, and OH WAIT

J'onn's story was great! The stuff with his father, and loss, and acceptance, was great!

Okay, the DEO going non guns was a weird societal message, but whatever.

The less pure DEO, the better, but with having Alex there, it's still integral. I'd rather see a new director from WAshington come in-Director Bones! I'd love the CGI on that! He'd probably wear a transducer fake image face, but that would be great to push the DEO into shadier operations.

Title: Re: Supergirl Season 3
Post by: Gay Titan on July 11, 2018, 12:00:45 AM
Aren't we due for Lynda Carter as the alien president to make a return?

Title: Re: Supergirl Season 3
Post by: jedicow on September 04, 2018, 04:01:51 PM
I'm still watching this and i just watched the next to last episode this morning.  Now, I'm usually the LAST one to complain about a comics centric show like this but I have just found the writing on this season to be lazy.  

I don't know if I need spoilers since this is a months old show, but I'm gonna use them anyway cause that's the kinda guy I am. ;D

Just in the last 20 minutes of the next to last episode, I noticed these things and they all bothered me.

1)When Kara is trying to fix the transporter using her mothers hologram; did she really think that she would be able to manipulate objects with the hologram?  isn't she supposed to be smarter than that?

2)so then, she tricks the Dark Kryptonian into throwing a punch at the hologram and it's JUUUUUUUUST hard enough to tap the control panel on the transporter.  I guess she just wanted to love tap Alura and REALLY pulled her punch.  That punch should have demolished that panel.  

3) Next up, Demos runs away with the blood and gets cornered by the Dark Kryptonians.  Winn shouts at him to turn on his force field belt which he does and then he proceeds to THROW the blood vials to Supergirl which means they have to pass through the air right in front of said Dark Kryptonians.  All they had to do was reach out with super speed and grab them.  So stupid.

4)back to Kara.  She now has the blood samples and instead of just dropping them on the ground and shooting them with heat vision (or even better, just holding them in her hand and blasting them) SHE TOSSES THE VIALS TO THE DARK KRYPTONIANS and THEN tries to blast them.  WTF?

5)J'onn and Myr'nn show up back at the DEO as the planet is beginning to terraform and Alex is worried that they didn't finish their ceremony?  HELLO??!!? Planet being destroyed here, you can go back to the ceremony IF you save the planet.

6)So, Dark Kryptonians are terraforming Earth and no one calls Superman to maybe lend a hand? 

UGH.  So Lazy.  Lazy Lazy Lazy.