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Title: Speaking of art ...
Post by: Perry on July 14, 2017, 10:42:31 AM
I have no idea where it was now, but I remember Jimmy (rightfully) dumping on Marvel for their lack of prestige artists or even good ones for that matter here recently and I do totally agree with him, but I gotta tell ya ... over the last 4 months or so DC isn't exactly raising the bar higher in that regard.

Action Comics has looked god awful the last few months. I stopped reading it, but yeah ... yuk
New Super-Man has lost all that delicious art goodness due to the new artist
Flash, well, we already knew about that one
Titans, same thing really, but I guess both Flash and Titans are a matter of taste.
Flipping through the latest issues of Justice League, Green Lanterns, Suicide Squad (Sejic's issue aside of course) along with a couple other DC comics I don't read and yeah ... there seems to be an art shortage with both companies if you ask me.

I guess every major talented artist that isn't locked into a good contract are taking their services to the creator side of town. And I say good on 'em!!!

Piss on the Big Two raking in all that dough and not providing health care and other stuff employees should have.
Contractors Unite!!!

I get that both of the B2 still have some great talent on staff, but remember the days when virtually every damn book had a great artist on it? Sure when you publish 103 comics a month like Marvel F'n does the talent pool wears thin quick, but yeah ... It is not 90's bad ... YET!!! But I am starting to fear is all I am saying.

Title: Re: Speaking of art ...
Post by: Jimmy T on July 14, 2017, 07:58:59 PM
*stands with pitchfork and burning torch*


Sorry, I don't know what I'm doing or saying at this time of night. I, too, hate wastrel artists filling gaps of time.

Flash, Titans, and Green Arrow are definitely a matter of taste. And it's not always tasty either.

What's wrong with Action? I liked this last arc; I can't remember his name, but it's not Zircher (who has not been paired with a inker that suits his style; that inker has been really chunky with his blacks)

Oh wait, it's , nope forgot.

But I get it, there's some not great stuff out there. At least Deathstroke has Priest working with long time collaborator Joe Bennett!!

Title: Re: Speaking of art ...
Post by: Perry on July 15, 2017, 02:57:44 AM
What's wrong with Action?

I have no idea what I saw, but I wasn't a fan of the last issue I flipped through. Of course I am behind on Superman, so maybe it was that title? And hell, in all fairness that could have been a fill-in as I am now thinking that Superman was the one that Gleason was on.

My bad.