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Title: Marvel/Retailers Summit
Post by: Perry on April 01, 2017, 11:54:08 AM
Ha, well, with excerpts from the recent Marvel and Retailers discussion that was held not too long ago now hitting the open world of the internet, Marvel is digging itself into an even further hole.

Look, I love Marvel, well the characters, I should clarify, but it seems to me that they are now blaming all the problems they have had over the last couple years onto the wrong items.

Your "diverse" books don't sell so it must be people don't want diversity? No, how about working to promote the books? How about taking the time with them and not just throw new characters out into this current market? How about not drowning them in an ocean of titles to give them a chance to find an audience? How about taking a freakin' profit hit just for a month and lower the price to $1.99 on new titles that feature the diversity you so want to promote? How about stop taking other people's heroes away to promote said diversity? Is it really that people don't want it?

You are now going to have rotating artist on all event books because people don't care about the art? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Comics are art. How about stop promoting events until the art is finished or at least almost done? How about stop allowing your writers to "add an additional issue" to an eight issue event? There is already a shit storm over your treatment or ideas about artist hitting Twitter. I hope you're prepared for more.

You say that raising a comics price to $10 actually helps the sales? Well, I can't touch that one. I hear that too. And retailers love the profit they receive off a $10 book. They may make about $1.50 off of most books, but those $10 issues, that are just another issue in the series, that they know completest will buy, those they can make $6 on. That is a nice bit of profit per issue. However, Marvel, I do so hope you keep that up and see what happens to your titles. I bet it won't last long.

There are other things I have issues with, but more of that will come, but for now I tire of this. However, before I go, I do want to mention that there are a couple good things that came out of that meeting -

I do see that they are bringing back the monthly free digital code for the book we buy. That our recent e-mail avalanche (yes, I was one of those that e-mailed Marvel) was successful and that will return. With A bonus actually. Now when you buy an issue, not only do you get the free digital code for that issue, you also get a free issue that Marvel wants you to have. A good idea, this. Although I know it doesn't effect the MU'ers here.

Also, and a great boon for all us readers, Marvel has no plans to have an event in the near future. Hey, I am sure that will change, but if we can go just one year without one? Man would that be nice. Two years? OH MAN!!!

Anyway, I am glad my heroes are on their way back, but I wish managment had a better grasp of what is really going on with their comics. Unfortunately, the comic sales model that we have had for so many years no longer works, and until that changes ...

Title: Re: Marvel/Retailers Summit
Post by: Perry on April 09, 2017, 12:24:27 PM
Yep, keep making THIS ( happen folks, just keep doing it.

You guys that buy this kinda stuff are just going to kill us all!!!  >:( >:( >:(

*end hyperbole*
(but that idea is still true)

 >:( >:( >:( >:(

Title: Re: Marvel/Retailers Summit
Post by: Jimmy T on May 27, 2017, 06:23:20 PM
I'd love to expound later, but all I will say is that NOTHING kills a book for me more than pedestrian or down right shitty art.

I just read Waid's rebooted numbering Avengers title on MU, and well, I won't be reading issue #2. No thanks Del Mundo!