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Title: Power Man & Iron Fist
Post by: Jimmy T on December 18, 2016, 02:21:57 AM
I know some discussion had occurred in the weekly reader threads. Just me posting some quick thoughts here.

It definitely fits in with the vein of books that I would say that 'showcase a lifestyle in the MU.' These books are Ant-Man, Spider-woman, and something else my sleep deprived brain can't remember. Maybe Dr. Strange.

The art helps to add to the flavor of the storytelling. I almost want to say 'jive', but that sounds incredibly inane or tacky, but I'm going to leave it out there. It meshes with our street level heroes here. It has a life that mirrors what the writer is trying to do with these characters.

For the first 2 issues, I found myself actually really enjoying it. Now, I would never want to see this artist on a Spider-man book, or an X-men team book, or Ironman-EVER!! But right here, it's the right thing to do.