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Title: Comic Book Day - December 14, 2016
Post by: Jeff on December 14, 2016, 04:39:36 PM
Not buying anything new this week but added the below to the MU library.

Marvel Unlimited
Vision 8
Civil War II:  Gods of War 1
Star Wars: Poe Dameron 3
All New X-Men 10
Darth Vader 21
Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man 1
New Avengers 12 (Civil War II Tie In)
Daredevil 8

Title: Re: Comic Book Day - December 14, 2016
Post by: Perry on December 14, 2016, 06:43:19 PM
Vision 8

Soooo gooood

Star Wars: Poe Dameron 3

Sooo booooring


Okay my list, including last weeks titles that I saved for when I wasn't tired, so I could enjoy them fully. It didn't happen.

Seven to Eternity #2
Seven to Eternity #3
Batman #12
Flintsones #6
Star Wars: Dr. Alphra #1
Champions #3
Moon Knight #9
Unworthy Thor #2
Clone Conspiracy #3
Ninjak #22
Uber: Invasion #1

This week:
(Oh lord, no way. This is a lot)

Action Comics #969
Detective Comics #946
Hal and the GLC #10
Wonder Woman #12
Deathstroke #8
Superwoman #5
New-Superman #6
Red Hood #5

Uncanny Avengers #17
Jessica Jones #3
Spider-Man #10
All-New X-Men #16
IvX #1 (I have heard if you are an "X" fan, this is the book you have been waiting for. We will see.)

Green Valley #3
Hadrian's Wall #3
Mayday #2
Reborn #3
War Stories #21
Red Sonja #0 (Red Sonja back in sexy time and now in the present day? What If Conan anyone  :D)
Terry Moore's Motor Girl #2

and of course, my place holders  :D I shall return to you soon guys!!! (I am almost out of hope. I need to read 52 damn it!!) -

Infinite Crisis books

Rann/Thanagarr War Special
Adventures of Superman #648
Infinite Crisis #5

Mignola Universe

Hellboy - Heads
Hellboy - Baba Yaga