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Title: IvX
Post by: Perry on December 03, 2016, 12:06:19 PM
Inhuman versus X-Men issue 0

Honestly? Not a bad issue. The art work by Rochafort was of course a bonus, but after reading the very rushed and crappy Death of X, I was expecting more of the same. So far, it isn't the case. This issue did a good job of recapping, in a more coherent manner, what has been going on for the past year ... (has it been that long?) ... so it made good use of its "issue 0" labeling. And that is good.

Of course thanks to Marvel Previews. we can assume what the outcome will be, for the most part, but still not a bad issue at all.

7 outta 10 - tears of cut diamonds ?

Title: Re: IvX
Post by: Perry on December 20, 2016, 05:16:26 PM
Issue #2

And then this issue ... ugh. If you thought Fear Itself or AvX was bad, HA! Just wait until you read this dog shit.

So much wrong here and not just with this issue, but the premise itself. I kept waiting for someone at Marvel to come up with a good idea about why this damn cloud is such a hard thing for heroes to work out and this issue just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that no-one at Marvel can arrive at a good reason why. Why a cloud is now dividing a good portion of Marvel heroes. A cloud. Sure a deadly cloud to some and a life giving cloud to others, but still, a cloud.

This cloud crap is something you would read in the 1970's Warlock comic.

This is not Red Skull, this is not Dr. Doom or any countless intelligent foes that have proven to be a pain in our heroes side over the years. No, this is a roaming freaking cloud. Both of these groups have access to information that lets them know, way ahead of time, where the cloud is heading. When it will reach any given area. Yet instead of banning together and working to find a solution both Inhumans and the Mutants are off to war. Makes a lot of sense, yeah?

No. Of course not.

It just proves that when you can't come up with a good idea why someone should act in a way that is totally different than the way they have been shown to act for years and years, you just say "Comics!" and everything is fine. See events like Civil War (which I admittedly do like and enjoy), Civil War II and now this pile just to name a few. Characters just suddenly acting out of character so badly, JUST to push a story forward.

It's crap!!!

Why is Beast the only one that wants to still try and work out something? Because ... well, that's just it, I have no damn clue. We are talking about a freakin' cloud folks. A plot device I have been waiting for Marvel to find a great answer for and instead I'm getting this, the oh so rare Marvel Hero vs Marvel Hero shit again. Yes, I knew there would be a fight, it's in the title  ;D, but to do so for something as ridiculous as a cloud that has been (somehow and for some reason) circling the Earth for almost a year now?

See, I remember. I remember when Marvel bashed Bleeding Cool for saying that Marvel had plans to send the mutants to space. A petty retaliation for FOX and all the movie turmoil with F.F and the Mutants from a few years back. Marvel said it was bullshit. Okay, sure, whatever, it was bullshit. But it sure as fuck seems odd that for the past two years (or so), Marvel has pushed Inhumans on us so hard while the X-Men have been pushed so far away from the rest of the MU that it isn't funny. And while those Mutants were on the outskirts of the MU, we fans were/are getting boring as hell, no impact stories that we read just to get a mutant fix. And okay sure, it is purely coincidence that only now, after working out deals with that very same FOX, that we are not only seeing more F.F stuff splattered into our comics, but we are also getting new X-Men series that are suppose to be more relevant and engaging AND ... HAHAHA and to top it all off ... the Inhumans are now going into space after this war is over?


 :D :D :D :D :D :D


Title: Re: IvX
Post by: Jimmy T on July 01, 2017, 06:59:14 PM
Yup, I'm mirroring those statements. Can't wait to see how this keeps unfolding-since it's all in the past of everything we're currently reading (minus those of us 6 months behind!). Like, seriously, how are we supposed to believe that this has any importance to it?

Title: Re: IvX
Post by: Perry on July 01, 2017, 07:10:23 PM
Like, seriously, how are we supposed to believe that this has any importance to it?

You can't. Nor should you even try. And by not even try I mean both understand and read further.   ;D

Title: Re: IvX
Post by: Jimmy T on August 05, 2017, 08:05:31 PM
Just read issue #3...wait, this damned thing goes 6 issues? WHY WHY WHY?

At the end of the publishing of this event...this even will have taken place out of sight, out of mind in publishing over 2 years prior!!

If it took this long to publish it, and to get to an ending of it...does that mean it really has any importance at all?

I'm saying a DEFINITIVE no.

Title: Re: IvX
Post by: Perry on August 06, 2017, 12:47:20 AM
Was it not four issues?

Four or six matters not when it sucked like it did, but the fact it was really 6 ... wow.

I guess I am thinking of that last one where they ... hell, was that IvX?

Nevermind, I have to go check now.

Title: Re: IvX
Post by: Jimmy T on September 28, 2017, 12:46:35 AM

When Medusa said "Why didn't the mutants simply tell us that the mists did that?" I just about yelled at the comic 'I KNOW, RIGHT?!' A simple benevolence and kindness of Medusa eradicated the mist. THAT WAS IT?! DAMNED dumb!!!

And there's no way that Emma goes that outright berserk and open with her machinations and plans at the end. No one gets to know Emma. No one. She reveals nothing to no one. What a bad out of characterization writing.