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Post by: Perry on October 29, 2016, 09:09:41 PM

I liked this, for the most part, however it is one of those "cool little strange books" that I just don't feel a connection to at the current time. There is nothing wrong here, a few nit picks but nothing major (especially if you like Oeming's art). At the same time it is both weird enough to possible be a cool book to follow, yet also a book that is weird enough for me not to want to try and keep up with. You know, one of those books that you may have to think about.

For now I am leaving this alone. I hope it succeeds so I may try again, when I am in the mood for weird little comics, but right now it's a pass. But again, not for it being what it is, but for me not wanting to be a part of what it is RIGHT NOW

6 outta 10 great guest stars