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Title: The Ultimates
Post by: Jeff on October 27, 2016, 06:38:00 PM
Issues 1 - 5

Blue Marvel - Captain Marvel - Ms America - Spectrum - Black Panther

Not a team I would have expected to be interested in but this tale is what the Guardians of the Galaxy should be.  Big cosmic stories at the end of the universe.

And Galactus - like you've never seen him before.

This easily has become one of my favorite of the post Secret Wars titles.  Right up there with the Vision.

10 out of 10 Lifebringers

Title: Re: The Ultimates
Post by: Perry on October 28, 2016, 12:30:26 PM
10 out of 10 Lifebringers


Man, I am shocked. I can't believe you had to start this thread.  :D As much yakking as I have done about this team ... I guess it was all in the Weekly Reader section? Or ... Hell, I just hope it wasn't a dream

I almost agree with you 100%. I love this book for its scope. I thought
the Galactus Problem arc was fantastic, and the result made me both mad (at first) and extremely happy a few minutes later, after I had given it some unemotional, reflective thought. And I only made that a spoiler after Jeff's quote

The one thing I wish for was more use of Ms. America. I think her power set, with the transport ability, is really cool, but oh well. I also wasn't a hardcore fan of Blue Marvel as I thought his villain, in his limited run, was not the greatest. And of course here recently I am hating on Ms. Marvel as her ideals are just stupid the way Bendis and others are writing her.

Even with all that, I really enjoy this book. Now sadly, Rockafort is now gone and the new artist on the soon to be reset issue #1 is going to be Travel Foreman (whom I have both enjoyed and hated) so I am not sure where I will stand on this series soon, I still have enjoyed this title greatly.

That said, I truly only disagree that it is as great as Vision  ;) (Of course the Vision was not part of the Civil War bullshit so it had that in its favor)

But Hell, if it hit you as being as good or as great as the Vision, that is pretty damn sweet. It is a hell of a book.

EDIT - Forgot to include the part of your quote I wanted to include. :)

Title: Re: The Ultimates
Post by: Perry on October 28, 2016, 04:54:19 PM
And it looks like we are going to get the good Travel foreman.

Oh Yes, THIS ( looks good

Title: Re: The Ultimates
Post by: Jimmy T on October 30, 2016, 07:33:44 PM
oooOooOooOOoooo....good Travel Foreman! Soo cool!!!

Yup, hate the title to keep the 'Ultimates' moniker around, but this is the book, yessir!!

Title: Re: The Ultimates
Post by: Perry on October 31, 2016, 12:00:40 AM
The last two issues have not been the best, but ... again, dealing with stupid Carol and the way she has to be written now is not the best thing to deal with either.

Yeah, I hope this picks back up with the relaunch as the last two have just not been as fun as the first 9 or 10  :-\

Title: Re: The Ultimates
Post by: Perry on May 21, 2017, 12:44:45 AM
The Ultimates II #7
:o >:(

And on the heels of talking about how Marvel is dropping the ball, artist wise ... HOLY HELL !!! This issue was baaaad looking. Plus, coming off issue #6, when I just get use to Travel Foreman's art again, they go and throw this guy into the deep end of the pool when he is obviously not ready to draw comics. He just isn't. Sorry. But no. Horrible art work. Dreadful. And he gets another issue as he is coming back for Ultimates #8 as well.

Sad thing was, even though this was a tie-in, it seemed like a good tie-in, story wise, but that art. Dear lord my eyes!!!!

Great story, horrible art. So much so that it killed everything. I also took another point from this issue because I know this artist is coming back for the next. Yeah, he's so bad his future work spoils current stuff

3 outta 10 - "If you can draw fast you can be a Marvel artist ... I guess" statements 
Just ... to quote Trump ... Really, really, really bad

Shame on you Marvel. Shame!!!!!

Title: Re: The Ultimates
Post by: Jimmy T on June 12, 2017, 01:40:23 PM
Obviously, I just got to read #1 on Unlimited (6months back ;), and I'm still really onboard with this concept.

I could do without having Carol on the team, but whatevs!!