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Title: Marvel NOW (The latest Now, that is)
Post by: Perry on July 11, 2016, 09:11:10 PM
Here are some of the "new" titles and the creative teams spinning out of Civil War II (This list is put together from Reddit)

Foolkiller #1 - Max Bemis (W) Dailbor Talajic (A)
Solo #1 - Gerry Duggan & Geoffrey Thorne (W) Paco Diaz (A)
Slapstick #1 - Reilly Brown & Fred Van Lente (W) Reilly Brown & Mike Norton (A)
Venom #1 - Mike Costa (W) Gerardo Sandoval (A)
Prowler #1 - Sean Ryan (W) Jamal Campbell (A)
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows - Gerry Conway (W) Ryan Stegman (A)
The Clone Conspiracy #1 - Dan Slott (W) Jim Cheung (A)
Thanos #1 - Jeff Lemire (W) Mike Deodato (A)
Rocket Raccoon #1 - Matthew Rosenberg (W) TBA (A)
Star-Lord #1 - Chip Zdarsky (W) TBA (A)
Gamora #1 - Nicole Perlman (W) Marco Checchetto (A)
Cage! #1 - Genndy Tartakovsky (W) Genndy Tartakovsky (A)
Death of X #1 - Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule (W) Aaron Kuder (A)
Mosaic #1 - Geoffrey Thorne (W) Khary Randolph (A)
Iron Fists #1 - Kaare Andrews (W) Afu Chan (A)
Bullseye #1 - Ed Brisson (W) Guillermo Sanna (A)
Kingpin #1 - Matthew Rosenberg (W) Ben Torres (A)
The Unworthy Thor #1 - Jason Aaron (W) Oliver Coipel (A)
Doctor Strange: Sorcerers Supreme - Robbie Thompson (W) Javier Rodriguez (A)
The Unstoppable Wasp #1 - Jeremy Whitley (W) Elsa Charretier (A)
Jessica Jones #1 - Brian Michael Bendis (W) Michael Gaydos (A)
Hawkeye #1 - Kelly Thompson (W) Leonardo Romero (A) (girl Hawkeye)
Captain Marvel #1 - Margaret Stohl (W) Ramon Rosanas (A)
Infamous Iron Man #1 - Brian Michael Bendis (W) Alex Maleev (A)
Invincible Iron Man #1 - Brian Michael Bendis (W) Stefano Caselli (A)
Great Lake Avengers #1 - Zac Gorman (W) Will Robson (A)
Ultimates2 - Al Ewing (W) Travel Foreman (A)
U.S.Avengers - Al Ewing (W) Paco Medina (A)
Avengers - Mark Waid (W) Mike Del Mundo (A)
Occupy Avengers - David Walker (W) Gabriel Walta (A)
Champions #1 - Mark Waid (W) Humberto Ramos (A)
Avengers #1.1 - Mark Waid (W) Barry Kitson (A)

And in case I missed any titles, HERE ( is the list without the creators

Be back later to say what I feel about what. Not much here for me at first glance, but that can be a good thing.  ;D But I may be more inclined to try some more titles if this is the amount titles they are publishing. 60 or so and not the current 108 or whatever the hell.

Title: Re: Marvel NOW (The latest Now, that is)
Post by: Jeff on July 11, 2016, 10:06:11 PM

Foolkiller #1 - Max Bemis (W) Dailbor Talajic (A)

I bet this is at the top of your list.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Title: Re: Marvel NOW (The latest Now, that is)
Post by: Perry on July 11, 2016, 11:48:44 PM

Foolkiller #1 - Max Bemis (W) Dailbor Talajic (A)

I bet this is at the top of your list.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


 :D I think I can finally, just this year, look at the character and not shiver  :D

Some quick thoughts ....

NO X-MEN ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  :o :o :o :o Are they finally doing it ?!?!?!?!  :o :o :o
Death of X will have to be on my list

*Ahem* okay, onto the the others:

Richard Ryder will be coming back so yes, Nova #1 is an add-on
The Avengers 1.1, somehow going back to the older Avengers stuff, I will try
Will add the additional Dr. Strange book (if it is an additional one)
I will also add the additional Thor book
Champions will be on my list as I am loving Miles Spider-Man
Avengers will stay with the addition of Del Mundo (Weirdworld) on art
Will certainly give Thanos a try
Star Lord I will try, for Zdarsky, but I am sure I will not stay
Iron Fists ? Yes please!
Jessica Jones ? Yes please again
The Renew Your Vows may, hopefully, actually lead to MJ and Peter being united (Ala Superman and Lois, so I will support)

That is all I know as of now. I am sure I may dip my toes in the others, especially the Merc titles like Slapstick, Solo and maybe even Foolkiller (Along with Deadpools other stuff). May try Wasp as I love how that interior art looks very Bruce Timm'ish. Will also try that Doom as Iron Man book. Will probably stay on Ultimates, even with Tarvel Foreman coming on as so far that title is where the big stuff happens.

But damn, no X-Men? I was just getting into them again. And no AntMan  :-[ :'( No Karnak (not shocking), but happy my Moon Knight stuck, so far.

Yes, if this is Marvels titles, all of them (in the link I provided above, not just the new stuff) than I am at least happy they dropped like 40 titles. Indeed.